• Eradicate Violence World

    I personally think that we should eradicate violence from the world because it makes the world look like it is just enemies and no love as well as loyalty. I personally think that we should eradicate violence from the world because it is too many people harming one another as well being spiteful.

  • No we can not.

    We can never eradicate violence from the world. This is because there has always been violence and there will always be violence. It is in our basic nature, and it will not be fully suppressed. People are delusional if they think that there will never be violence in the world.

  • Sometimes violence is an automatic reflex.

    I think that wanting to eradicate violence from the world is a noble goal, but a largely unattainable one. We should certainly work for peace and train each other to be experts in non violent conflict resolution. But violence is such a visceral reaction at times that completely eliminating it would go against human nature.

  • No, violence cannot be eradiated in the world.

    Violence cannot be eradicated in the world as it is human nature to question and fight. Violence can be minimalized but not eradicated. There will always be some sort of rebellion to an idea or practice. Anger and war will always be in some form prevalent. Everyone has different ideas and ways of handling things and violence tends to always show itself in some way or another.

  • It Is Impossible

    I do not believe we can eradicate violence from the world. Humans are not all good by nature, some are actually prone to violence especially when they are younger. Violence will always be a part of our world and all we will ever be able to do is reduce it.

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