• The awareness that comes with being human defines tragedy.

    Humans are the only beings that react to natural disasters as if it is a tragedy rather than just as things are. Humans understand the loss, the heartache and are faced with the task of moving on with these understandings. Science can explain the how and the why, but the awareness that comes with being human defines tragedy.

  • It's in Gods plan.

    If something bad happens then that is part of Gods plan, and he's going to use that event to affect the lives of you or others around you. He has a reason for everything, you just may not see it yet. If you ever see the Bible, it says life is not easy

  • Yes, humans are not special.

    There are probably a manifold of intelligent species in this Cosmos. Why would humans be particularly special, especially with regard to one of our most common notions? While this universe is a vast place, as long as we are stuck on this tiny planet there are only so many resources to go around; the inevitable result is tragedy and dissolution.

  • It is too vague to accurately put into words

    You can't explain tragedy; there aren't words for feelings like that. Everyone has different experiences, so there is no one explanation of what tragedy even is. We can come close and describe many aspects in which tragedy occurs, but we can't accurately explain human tragedy. The feeling is too complex.

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