Can we get a truce between Atheists and Theists?

Asked by: cbcullen84
  • Yes, of course!

    Personally I have nothing against atheists or their mentality. I just don't find how they can go about their lives in a "free- to- be" people of rejecting a Divine Being such as God. I do find it interesting, however; when atheists study on the topic of religion and initiate to try and understand it from a religious person. I've been stopped in different places and asked about my faith in God and then what would seem hard questions, but always give an answer. I don't like the idea of atheists not getting some form of answer, even if they do not want to believe. That is their decision and will have to justify themselves to God, not me. They are human being as well as myself and to treat them any less than what they are would make myself higher and belittling to them. That is not right. Every person in a moral sense deserves respect regardless of who you are or where you come from. We're all the same in the sense of being creatures, having abilities, speech and sin. But at the same time, what makes us different is our opinions, environments, looks and who we claim to be.

  • So here's my signature

    I agree that Atheists are entitled to their beliefs, that Theists are as well, and that neither should slander the other for believing how the choose to. I think that beliefs shouldn't be targeted when differences occur, instead actions should be criticized regardless of what one believes.

    I respect the rights of anyone to believe whatever they want to believe, even if their belief infringes upon my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I will not tolerate the actions of others who put those types of ideas into motion...But believe whatever you want.

    Peace be to you and yours. Oh and blast the ever loving #$@! Out of whoever decides to take this column as their hate mail space.

  • I suppose we could.

    It really depends on how respectful and open-minded the two are to each other. As a Christian, I've dealt with atheists that ridiculed me up and down for believing in a "corrupted, monstrous, fallible, untruthful, lie" that they say is God. I've also seen Christians rip atheists apart for not believing in God, which also isn't the correct way to go about this sort of touchy subject. But I can say tha I've also been friends with a lot of atheists. One in particular was very accepting of my views and I can say for certain that we could be friends without our beliefs getting in the way because we accepted that we believed in something the other did not. I believed in God and he didn't, but that didn't mean we fought about it. So, all in all, I think we just need to be accepting of each other's views. It's not right to go around and try to preach God onto others, and it's also not right to go around and preach science to others.

  • Arguments Build Civilizations

    The whole point of a debate is to learn and strengthen one's views, a truce wouldn't help anyone.

    A truce for religion is a really bad idea, there is reasons why slavery ended and stopping blacks from marrying whites is considered a horrible thing to do.

    Think of it this way "An acceptance of ignorance is stupid" and a truce is exactly that.

  • Not gonna happen..

    The Religious feel rightly under threat and are being pushed out of power by a growing secular sentiment. A truce is not possible until we have a fully democratic secular government that is not influenced by believers of the supernatural. Whilst people insist that unproven beliefs give them rights over others they must be resisted.
    I don't recall asking for their point of view but they insist on pushing it anyway with the blind conviction of the blinkered believer.

  • It depends on open mindedness.

    Usually theists credit themselves of having an open mind, by accepting that an intelligence agency is the reason for existence. That their thinking surpasses even physical laws and therefore remain accessible to any concepts of what God might be, or whatever caused and/or moderates the universe.

    However, what is being open minded? One definition is being accepting of new and stimulating ideas, adapting to the present setting in a logical and reasonable way. Not always, but usually, theistic beliefs remain static. They trust with faith in words spoken by either their mind or preacher or written in an ancient book. And even if there is a possibility of change in some areas, when argued with, they fall back on the holy scripture or get trapped in a circular argument.

    As a conclusion, I would say that the list of reasons why theists never will alter their opinion no matter what is long, it seems highly probable that with present conditions there won't be a truce for a very long time ahead, if ever. Not as long as there are people who examine evidence that correlates with observed reality, and those who are driven by emotional appeal and indoctrinated delusions.

  • I would love to, but no.

    Religious people sometimes go to far in what they do. I really don't care for people who engage in religious bullying. I wouldn't go as far as to say that this is a ginormous problem, or that all religious people do this, but it has been quite an annoyance more than once. Most people in my school (or just community in general) will attempt to dissuade me or argue with me once they find out that I'm an atheist. Pretty much all of their claims are easy to dismiss, but I have been pressured more than once religiously.

    So, until religious people can stop trying to persuade atheists to their religion, we can't have "peace".

  • News Flash: Stop Labeling those that do NOT practice religion as Atheist and maybe!

    If you truly wish to stop the debate between the two sides then certain terms must be agreed to. The second the religious "Labeled" those that do not "Believe" in cartoons, was the second that WE went on the march. First off, if I do not "Believe" that a ford Taurus is my god, you do not then call me a Anti-Tauruser or whatever BS name is made up. Right? Second, those of science, or people just in general, that disagree with the concept of a white bearded dude floating in the sky or (Santa Claus) find no need to "Label" those of faith. We do not set out to call them "Lost" or "Blasphemers" or "The Un-clean" or ETC.. We just go about our day. So the Idea that there is a TWO Sided argument is false. There is a Instigator, and a Response. Those that have been Denied, persecuted, KILLED, shunned, ostracized, Banished, ETC., for not conforming to a belief system, have much to be OFFENDED BY, yet we want nothing more than to have religion be what it should be. A Personal CHOICE. That is kept PERSONAL and not SHOVED INTO OUR DAILY LIVES!!! So in closing, those of faith...... Go Pray... But get out of the Political, Social, Educational Arenas!! And there will be no more DEBATE.

  • Certainly NOT while they Proselytize and Indoctrinate Children, I cannot be friendly with Child Abusers:

    Indoctrination of children into Superstitious Nonsense, that Christianity pushes, reduces a child's potential for learning reality and becoming a good, rational, critical thinker. Belief in Superstition has been found as a major contributor to "Why People Make Stupid Decisions", and it is well known to Neuro-Psychologists as a source of Mindware Contamination.
    Having a person's mindware contaminated in their formative years can destroy their potential to be a rational, Intelligent person for Life.
    I've known many children with extremely high IQs at birth who have become nothing but deluded idiots, due to childhood Indoctrination.
    It's cruel and inhuman punishment by parents and churches to damage children's potential for life, just to push their stupid delusion.

  • There will never be a truce

    Just have a look at history and you will see that religious people can't live with people with different religions even if the two are very similar. Now think about how they would live with people that have an entirely different mindset. People will never live at peace when there are people trying to impose their opinion on others and that goes both for atheists and theists.

  • Not likely, given the admonition of believers against non believers

    You can't change scripture. And one of the most consistent things in scripture is the fate of non-believers. How can I have a truce with people who see me as immoral and doomed to hell? How can I have a truce with people who, because I don't believe in their higher power that has no evidence backing it up, actually believe that I am deserving of that sort of fate.

    Sorry, but the religious texts are against me, they are convoluted and backward. Their bad far outweighs their good. And it encourages blind faith, simply following church leaders. These are not things I can condone. I would not work actively against theists, or rob them of their religious freedom, but I kind of have to question the agenda of people who support a book that condemns me like that.

  • Not a Chance

    Monotheistic religions are usually are violent.That is why according to Christianity if you don't believe in their Savior your going to roast in Hell. Other monotheistic religions have similar concepts of punishing non-believers and infidels. Can monotheists be peaceful? Most likely not because their doctrines say "believe what I say or you will be punished." Polytheistic religions are nowhere near as fanatical by comparison. Theists individually may be peaceful but monotheism is difficult to separate from violence.

  • Nope. (Directing this towards Christianity, because most Theists are Christian. If your Theistic religion doesn't hate people outside of your religion, then there's no problem.)

    "To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good." Psalm 14:1
    "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death." Revelation 21:8
    "They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart." Ephesians 4:18

    Seems an awful lot like the Bible blatantly spells out that a truth can't be reached.
    It seems like the Bible thinks we deserve to be punished for all of eternity for our beliefs, regardless of any good we do.

    Why should there be a truce? If you believe there's an omnipotent loving and caring God who thinks non Christians deserve to suffer in hell for all of eternity, then there's something fundamentally wrong with your religion. It's immoral to judge people based solely upon their belief in a Deity, and it's idiotic to say that they're all bad people. Generalizations like that qualify as hate speech.

    Let's see a revised Bible with all the immoralities removed, and then we'll talk.

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