Can we have many more people involved not just two what about a MASS Debate.

Asked by: mikaloviche
  • That would be very interesting

    It would be cool to have a mass free-for-all debate, Especially about 'the big issues', Like abortion and gun control. That way, You would not end up stuck in a debate with a troll, And tons of people could bounce ideas off each other without the commitment of a 1-1 debate.

  • Many more involved will give allot more views and arguments

    Many hands make light work they say. Two in the hand is worth more in the bush as the saying goes. Mass debates on a public forum are more exciting and even more topical. I am a proffessional debater and there is nothing I like more than doing it with as many participants a spossible. Not just the comments section// lets all have a massdebate

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