Can we help uneducated kids and those who don't have enough food or money?

Asked by: ny_777
  • Stop Being Selfish, People!

    Yes, we CAN help uneducated kids and those living in poverty! The only problem is that people and businesses that make a lot of money don't give a penny to the poor. Just one small donation can change many lives. All that society needs to do is stop being selfish and contribute to charity more.

  • Yes we definitely can!

    Every person in the world deserves a better and healthy lifestyle. The thing is that some were born with the lifestyle and others weren't. For example in the streets of India there are billions of kids just out there trying to make a living but honestly don't they deserve better? I can't imagine me as a small child out there trying to sell items just so that I have dinner at my table tonight and I bet you can't either but how can we see other younger kids out there? I honestly don't believe in just giving them money and telling them to go live their life on but instead I want to show them the way to live their life to the fullest. Many kids and others die of hunger because they didn't have food at the table tonight. This thought really stings me. I believe that no child deserves this. They deserve an education. We can help to fight through this and get education for every child. If I were to see a child out there I would send them to school maybe even a private school depending on my own status. I really want to help those innocent kids out there who don't have all the facilities that some of us have here with us.

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