• God and we are not two.

    If you agree that God is the one who exists on his own, All others can't exist on their owns. Nothing couldn't exist outside of God. If anything exists separately from God, God would be a dependent being because it is comparable to other. So it would contradict the definition of God. When we close eyes, We sense black because it is comparable from the memory of brightness when I open eyes. But in some more minutes, We can't recognize any brightness as the memory fades out. But I still exist no matter there is visual perception or not. In the same way, I exist no matter whether all the experience of myself persists or ends. That is true I.

  • We should pray that God would grant that His people know Him more deeply.

    There is a legitimate sense in which every believer has come to know God. Jesus prayed (John 17:3), “This is eternal life, That they may know You, The only true God, And Jesus Christ whom You have sent. ” If you have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, You have come to know God.

  • Somewhat Now and More Later (continued)

    . . . Most of the rest of us are still struggling to fully understand our unity with God (we are essentially parts of God - we are Divine) but can eventually develop such a comprehension over many lifetimes here on this Earth school, And also while residing in the life-after, Higher-energy realms. Those of us who voluntarily incarnate to Earth are widely thought of to be brave adventurers by the souls/spirits still residing in the higher-energy realms as it is well known that life on Earth is very challenging, But also very rewarding, And is a fast-learning environment as a result of the duality existence (love/hate, Hot/cold, Etc. ) on this 3D planet/universe. We are each a unique accumulated set of experiences that contribute greatly to the over-all database of experiences that comprise the universal database (aka Akashic Record), And those experiences that we have can be shared and/or accessed vicariously by other spiritual beings in the higher-energy realms, And you and I and all other physical beings are highly appreciated for adding these experiences to the over-all God being/existence. We are expanding God with these experiences. It's all evolution/expansion into greater-than-before being, And yes physical evolution here on Earth is one of God's tools of creation, And God and Evolution can co-exist very nicely. Scientific knowledge by humans is always expanding and changing, And science being a method of inquiry/experimenting/measuring/replicating is merely man's best tool for attempting to understand nature, Which is God's creation. It is only the fundamentalistic belief of some Christian denominations that is called 'Creationism' that is in conflict with Evolution. It's all about having/developing a one-on-one spiritual relationship with God, Our Source, Our Creator, The One that we are all a part of - and one does not need a formalized religion necessarily to develop that relationship. We can pick those aspects of a religion or multiple religions that resonate best with us and help us to develop this personal relationship with God. . . Or we can by-pass any or all of these formalized religions, And just pursue our own spiritual endeavors to develop this relationship. We all eventually work our way back to God, But we each are on our own paths to do this, And some of us realize this union/reunion faster than others (eg. Fewer lifetimes) and others may require or desire more 'time' to do this. But when you consider that we are all eternal spiritual beings, Then we have lots of 'time' to achieve this. Each incarnation here on Earth is but a 'blink on an eye' or a 'snap of the finger' in relation to our eternal existence and hence what we may be tempted to interpret as 'negative' experiences or 'traumatic' experiences here on Earth, Really aren't that traumatic in the big-picture perspective, And may actually have been chosen to be experienced while here on Earth, And can contribute to some learning of some type by either the being experiencing the trauma or 'negative' experience, Or can contribute to learning by other(s).

  • Somewhat Now And More Later

    Our human minds are too limited to fully comprehend God while we are alive in these bodies on this planet, However, Via researching near-death experiences (NDE's) we can accumulate bits of many peoples' experiences of more direct experience of God, And like putting many pieces of a puzzle together, We can build up a reasonable understanding of some of the many facets of God now, While still alive in our corporeal bodies. After we transition fully to the higher energy life-after realms (ie "die" from these physical bodies, And can't be resuscitated), We will be privy to much more information about the nature of God. . . But even then may not have all the information, But we certainly do have a more comprehensive 'big picture' perspective there and then, Than we do while temporarily here on Earth in these dense-medium/condensed-energy bodies. If you try to fathom God as an energy/light being (all energy) that is composed of all information. All consciousness, Complete unconditional love/energy, And we and all beings on Earth are temporary individuations that appear to reside separate from God (an illusion) while we are here on this planet, But while here are given some level of free will, And a portion of our higher-level soul has voluntarily chosen to reside on the Earthly physical plane to garner experiences for God to help God experience his/her creation, And to additionally pursue some soul growth for our individuated souls while here in these bodies, Then you'll be on the right track of getting a big-picture perspective. Also, Keep in mind that in addition to the Heaven and temporary Hell (Hell is more like a rehab area/time and is not permanent) aspects of the life-after realms, One must also factor in the apparent existence of some type of reincarnation to the whole picture, Including an evaluation period (aka life review) after each physical incarnation - done by yourself while being supported and not judged by a variety of spiritual being(s) and afterward a planning period to determine if you (your higher-level soul) desires to incarnate a portion of its energy back to the physical, Earthly plane (or some other physical part of the universe) to experience some other aspect of physical existence (eg. As a different gender, Race, Birth location, Permutations of relationships with other humans, Etc), And/or to learn from or teach others about something(s) that both you and God desire to be experienced/learned/taught. We are all 'sons/daughters' of God, And the Christ energy being (known as Jesus while in one of his incarnations here on Earth) understood his unity relationship with God to such a high level and this is what made 'Jesus' quite 'special' (we are all special to God but the Christ being does appear to hold a quite venerated position in the Heavenly 'hierarchy' of enlightened beings). Continued on a second post. . .

  • Yes we can, But no we can't.

    Sure we can know God. After all, We created him. God was created in Man's image, Created by us to comfort us in the unknown. To comfort us when we lacked guidance, Lacked direction, Lacked knowledge. But as humans, We should know that it is up to us, That when we are truly alone, We must be the one to pick ourselves up. We can understand God because we created him. But if we could ever know him, No, Because such a being does not exist, And if he does, He is certainly not the gods we have created. Death is final. Your consciousness is not because of a soul. It is merely a manifestation of chemical signals in your brain. Once they stop, You cease to exist. That is death for us, And other sentient organisms. Once our consciousness fades, We are dead, We no longer exist.

    Posted by: LLP
  • Only if a god exists.

    And that is pretty doubtful. And Thomas Aquinas may or may not have been intelligent and even if he was intelligent he may have been totally lacking in common sense. And reason alone cannot prove a gods existence. Only the sight and actual physical presence of a god is undeniable. Anything else is just a groundless assumption. And the bible is just a book put together by a group of blokes of unknown character.

  • God is too complex for the human intellect

    The religious claim is not that we know God, But that God knows us. Thomas Aquinas, A theologian and philosopher who was very intelligent said that we can know that God exists, But not what He is. Reason can prove God's existence, But not His essence or choices. We will never understand God.

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