• We shouldn't talk about racism

    The simple fact of the matter is, because people are still acknowledging racism, racism is still around today. If you look at a man, not as a black man, or a mexican man, but as a man, then your views of that man would be free of any prejudice that may be aroused if someone were to be described as a black man or a mexican woman. We are all human beings, we need to see past our physical appearances and realize that judging another simply based on their color is wrong.

  • We are all evolving and we must make positive changes to us and our environment.

    Soon , we will realise our mistakes , and over come the racism we have been giving to other people. We will educate people properly and we will work towards a bigger goal. It takes small changes at first , like maybe calling a person of a different race a person who is chinese or a person who is from Zimbabwe instead of racial slurs . We must give positions of power to those who are not racist.

  • We can educate them!

    We do not need to control people but to inform and educate them. Teach people the truth about bias misconceptions of racist, religious, and sexist stereotypes. Let them know that by opening their eyes we can move towards a better future. Maybe by joining hands we can aim to eliminate hate crimes.

  • We can stop it

    We can prevent racism we just need to think the right way. Sometimes people judge other's by their appearances when they are suppose to judge them on their personalities. It wouldn't be nice if you were called, black, white, brown, it's not funny, it just hurts. Don't be racist, be a friend.

  • We can stop it

    We can prevent racism we just need to think the right way. Sometimes people judge other's by their appearances when they are suppose to judge them on their personalities. It wouldn't be nice if you were called, black, white, brown, it's not funny, it just hurts. Don't be racist, be a friend.

  • Yes WE CAN

    First of all, we need to stop categorizing people as 'white' people and 'black people ' we should not generalize people or judge people by their race. Just stop talking about it . It is easy to spread hate when we have been hurt . But we've all been hurt , doesn't mean we should treat each other that way . History repeats itself , though.

  • Yes, we can stop Racism.

    People aren't born with hatred. Hatred is something we learn from our community, and from our family. A newborn child don't care if you're black or white, or if you're gay or straight. If the community and people stopped putting up black people as a bad image.. Racism wouldn't be.

  • We must stop racism

    Racism is present almost everywhere. Its high time to recognise others as human beings not in terms of their colour or religion. I have been racist and when I was subjected to racism I understood that what it felt like and since that day, I try my best to make myself human

  • Yes, people should take the challenge

    I think that it won't happen instantly, but it will happen. Racism is one of those things that really annoys me. I can't honestly understand why people think like this, and I'm sure others are like this aswell. So I'm sure that we can take over racism. Three more words.

  • It takes education

    If we make it a priority to teach our children not to judge anyone by their outer appearance or ideology then yes, that ultimately depends on each of us as individuals whether or not we want to make that effort, granted not everyone will adhere to this but if most of us do that would suffice

  • Racism can't be stopped.

    Racism can be stopped? NO. Can it be viewed as a tabuu? Yes. Yes it could be viewed as a tabuu. Most people who believe racism can be stopped are ignorant white people who don't want to look bad in society.

    Answer me this. Any white person, answer this. If you were at home, and there was a big red button that would send all Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Jews, and any other back to their native land would you press the button. Think about it really hard.

    If you said yes, that would be the usual answer

    If you said no, you're either lying or an extremely non-racist person, which is hard.

    Now would you do that if it was your own kind? No. What I thought

  • Racism are stilling spreading in society

    Maybe you think that if we want we can stop racism, but not. In some schools, there are many student racial bullying other students. That's the problem. If the children cannot stop racism, why do you think the adults can do? They won't change because this idea has already in their head for many years. Yes, we make less people to racial bullying, but we cannot exactly stop it.

  • Racism is Universal

    Once an idea is born, it becomes eternal. The only way we can truly prevent racism is to kill every human. Racism is just a part of humans. Just like sin is just a part of humans. We are flawed. Kill us and all wrongs will be made undeniably right.

  • It will always be there.

    No matter what anyone says or does, there will always be a few or more people that don't agree and are racist. We like to think that there will be world peace but unfortunately there will not. Not to bring anyone down or anything but it's true. This is just an opinion so you don't have to agree. We just have to work with what we got and hope that one day the racist people out there will find themselves and be better people.

  • Not just a U.S. issue

    Too many comments talking about racism like it's an American thing. Racism is everywhere. Racism has been around longer than we have been here and will be here long after we are dead.

    Nobody simply wakes up and decides today will be a good day to be a racist. It is ingrained to the point that see their attitude as both morally and fundamentally true. In the mind of a racist, individuals who don't believe as they do are the ones who are wrong and/or traitors to their own race.

    No, it cannot be fixed. Organizations such a the KKK are still here, they still believe the white race is under attack. Only now they hide behind a banner of "love". It's conditional love, being white isn't good enough. You must be "pure white".

    If an organization like the KKK with around 5,000 members can't be removed, how can one possibly believe that racism as a whole can be stamped out?

    It's sheer folly. You cannot change the nature of people.

  • It can't be prevented.

    It can not be prevented, though i do believe we can minimize the amount of racism going on today.

    (If you had a negative experience with for example, a black man, that of course would cause someone to have prejudices about the whole race, but please be careful not to generalise)

  • Racism should stop

    I think racism should stop because some people are living with richness
    and other people have to fight fornthere lives and rights.Why can't people just make a law and make a school for them to lear about fairness so the world can be equal.Also so that we don't have to fight for war.

  • Impossible to prevent.

    We can try to prevent racism as much as we would like, but it is an impossible task. People are are always going to judge. As part of human nature, it is natural for us to judge based on appearances. People are always going to 'judge a book by its cover' until proven wrong or otherwise.

  • Racism is just plain dumb.

    Racism has been a big thing since the beginning of America. The Declaration of Independence stated all men are created equal, but people have been ignoring it. At first, you might say I'm being sexist for saying only men are created equal, your wrong. Have you ever heard the phrase "man kind"? When the founding fathers meant everyone is created equal. Many of the founding fathers were slave owners, but a few of them were smart and didn't believe in slavery. We have stopped many things (such as slavery) but the problem with racism is that it's an opinion. But hey, anything's possible.

  • No, racism cannot be prevented, but we can still try.

    I do not think racism can ever be prevented, however we should all treat each other equally, whatever color their skin, whatever their ability, race or ability. Humans should of learnt from the worlds biggest and most horrific genocide ever; the holocaust, but no humans still did not learn from that and genocides have happened since then. This proves that racism can never be stopped. Although this does not mean people should not stop trying to prevent.

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