Can we prevent tragedies in America like the Boston Marathon bombing without becoming a police state?

  • Survelliance state does not equal police state.

    Look, I know it's fashionable for people to lament a loss of privacy in public these days, but the truth is we've never had that. It's just been technologically impossible for law enforcement to see as much as they can now. Being able to grant police more vision through cameras and other means doesn't mean we'll turn into a police state. Knowing that when you're outside, someone is watching, isnt' that big of a deal.

  • Being a police state is necessary

    There is no way around it. We might not like it, we might actually hate it, but it is necessary. There is no other way to prevent these tragedies than by becoming a police state. Not that becoming a police state will necessarily prevent these issues, but it may help.

  • We really need to be a police state.

    There have been so many bombings, so many useless attacks on our nation. We can not do it alone, and we can not protect ourselves from the horrific tragedies caused by sick people. We have to have a full force on highways, events, and schools. We used to be so peaceful and now you can't turn on the television without hearing about another shooting or bombing.

  • Sadly, we cannot.

    The only way to uniformly, 100% prevent all occurrences of this nature would be to limit 90% or more of our civil liberties and penalize people harshly for even the smallest infraction. We are already dancing dangerously close to being a police state as it and people need to realize that safety means keeping them protected from anything that goes against the majority. It puts a firm cap on expression, freedom of speech and independent thought. While it may prevent things like this from occurring, it will also prevent the average citizen from speaking out against unfair treatment.

  • Ultimately we can't

    There are things we can do to limit these tragedies. Be more mindful and tell authorities if something looks suspicious. Try to be more tolerant towards other groups so that hostilities dissolve. Take Alex Jones and all his clowns and fire them directly into the sun so we don't have the scum trivializing everything that happens with their moronic jargon.

    All these things help, but they will not eliminate these awful things from happening. You can't kill cowardice.

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