Can we put all efforts together to achieve world peace?

  • Mediation for peace.

    I support the idea that we can develop a:one global perspective approach to ensure we can achieve world peace.We must identify the specific areas that lead to conflict.We must clear away elements that cause mistrust.We must choose mediators to clear away conflict.We must develop the genuine fear of god in people.

  • Humans are essentially good and can overcome their base temptations

    Humans are the only animals that are capable of reason.It is more reasonable to have peace and to compromise.I know this is really weak argument, and that it may not seem logical, but humans can by nature good people as they all have a conscience right from the earliest age.It is the circumstances that force them to do bad things.So in time, we will achieve world peace.

  • I simply Agree.

    I agree that we as everyone can make world peace and go back to everything being peaceful without wars and anything that bugged us people, Because all we have to do is just LISTEN. And RESPECT. If we do that and respect everything in this world maybe the world wouldn't be as bad as it is right this moment.

  • This is Impractical

    No this is far to idealistic rather then realistic. The world if filled with so much diversity that it would be impossible to pull everybody together for world peace. For example there are religions that absolutely hate the Western way of life. Its their religion and they will stop at nothing to enforce that belief on the countries that are run by that particular religion. Though it would be nice, its impractical and impossible. You would have to get 7 billion other people on track with you in order to achieve this... Good luck...

  • War is inevitable!

    It is human nature to have an opinion on something, be it a painting or a political issue. Disagreements cannot be avoided and resolutions are not always black and white. Countries need to resolve issues in many ways and one way that seems to be popular now a days is through war. War is inevitable and when the day comes that war ends permanently, it will most likely be the same day that the human race is ceases to exist.

  • Its simply impossible

    The human race as a whole is fed off the principle of "survival of the fittest" its animal instinct. Whoever has the most power shows dominance over everyone else, this is a race that we are all in, humanity cannot come together to achieve peace, we are all of different beliefs, races, and so on, we all conflict with eachother and because of it we HATE eachother.

    In no time will we ever set aside what we are and what we believe in to achieve peace, and with rich tyrants running the world under our noses the wars will keep going, the hatred will keep going.

    We will never win.

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