• Know a recovered child

    My supporting argument is that I know a child who has recovered and am acquainted with several families whose children have lost their ASD diagnosis. I work with a practitioner who treats and bring kids out of ASD among other things. My child has recovered from an incurable diagnosis, so I don't trust folks who say something is incurable, they generally haven't tried everything, and haven't looked seriously at the other side.

  • Autism is a disease

    A quote to consider from the organization Documenting Hope "So much of the chronic illness that we see in children today has to do with choices that we make every day (what we eat, drink, think and do)." adding to that we don't make the choice to breathe the toxic air or eat the unhealthy food we allow it not to be our choice as a whole we need to make clean air and clean healthy food accessible to all children and adults and I predict all the childhood and adult "chronic " illness will go down such illness including but not limited to autism,asthma ,ADHD,fatigue and more. Shame on the people and politicians for letting millions like myself live in a state of health of chronic illness it's time for change.

  • You Cannot Cure Autism

    You cannot cure autism. There is no way to reverse the disorder or stop it. The best thing you can do is manage it well. People can place autistic individuals in comfortable environments that maximizes their ability and quality of living. Speech pathologists can help this be achieved and specialize in it.

  • No No No

    If your child has been "cured" of Autism...You are either suffering from wishful thinking or your child was misdiagnosed. There is no cure!!
    Lord knows, if there was a cure, people would give up their homes, cars, and all other belongings or even give up their lives so their child could be "cured".
    To insinuate that it is possible is a slap in the face to all the thousands of parents who would do anything for their child. It's as if to tell them that the reason their child isn't cured is because they didn't care or didn't try hard enough.

  • Hands Off My Brain!

    A person's mind/brain is central to who they are as a person. While it is good to have personal growth and to be open-minded and flexible and change the way you think sometimes a full-scale "cure" changing the entire way a person's brain works is unethical and replaces the person with a different person.

  • No.

    No, and a lot of people who have high-functioning autism are offended by the very idea. Many people who have autism have normal to high intelligence levels and, with some social skills training and other interventions, live perfectly happy, normal lives. People who have autism do not need to be "cured" of their personalities and quirks. They need help in learning to function socially in a world full of neurotypicals.

  • No, it is a disorder.

    No, autism cannot be "cured". Autism is a disorder involve the neurology of a person's body. While there are ways to work with autistic tendencies and autistic people, there is no cure. Autism is not a temporary thing for which a pill or an operation can solve; it is complicated and since it is neurological, it is a highly complex diagnosis for which there is no cure.

  • No, there is no cure for autism

    Autism is a neurological disorder that can be treated with therapy, medication, and/or diet. It cannot, however, be cured. Autism deals with the inability to interact with other people or properly communicate with others. People with autism are generally extremely intelligent, but shut up in their own minds and bodies. Hopefully one day there will be a cure, but as of now, there is none.

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