• We can save our mother earth.

    We can save our mother earth. If we can mess mother earth up like we have, we can certainly find a way to fix her up again. If we get the most brilliant minds in the world on the case of fixing up earth and making it better than ever, progress will happen.

  • Yes it is possible to save mother earth.

    We can save our home planet if people all try hard to lower their carbon foot print/emissions. By using more renewable resources and lowering the destruction done we can save mother earth. If not only citizen recycle and corporations really actually start pitching in anything is possible. We have recycle programs but that isn't enough. Those that waste the most need to find alternative ways to cut such waste from happening.

  • Does people really support?

    People will really not support as the quote 'live your life to the Fullest' people will throw dust and garbage in the road. As long as they are looking to fulfill their will first they will never support these.If they start recycling, how many people will do this? Good bye mother 🌍

  • We can never ever cure Mother Earth

    Why? First, three question, does people follow the rules? Will they really start recyling? Or will man really find ways to avoid climate change that destroyes her ,nowadays, No. Simple as that. Second, If they do will that last, or only for a short period. If people couldn't follow our law what more with this. Third, If they really do both. Would much people join or only a few people would? Goodbye Mother Earth along with ourworld where we live. That's why the quote "live your life to the fullest" was made

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