• It Is Possible

    I believe it is possible to scale biodynamic farms. There's no reason to believe that these efficient set ups couldn't come in a variety of useful sizes that could run from use for a family to a village. I believe the efficiency is what makes this system scalable so it will work for a variety of situations.

  • Biodynamic Farming is just new age slang for an old practice.

    It's hard to think of your grandmother as a small scale biodynamic farmer, but she may have been. Many people out there still have a small patch of veggies in the back yard and sometimes even a few chickens. It is becoming more adventageous to grow your own vegetables on a small scale in the back yard than heading to the grocery store. It is cheaper, you know where the food came from and its free of pesticides and herbacides unless you put them there.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think we can scale biodynamic farms. It just takes a little bit of planning. Another way to scale them is to some how build them taller, instead of having them sprawl out over large swaths of land. As long as the planning and development is there, it should be done.

  • Technology can accomplish it.

    Yes, we can scale biogynamic farms, because there are amazing things that technology can do. Technology can move the supplies to larger farms. Technology can hep biodynamic farmers grow more in a smaller space. There are a lot of things farmers can do to meet the growing demand for biodynamic farming.

  • Yes, we can scale biodynamic farms

    I am assuming here that "scale" means scaling the size of large biodynamic farms down to a small-farm status. If so, yes, I believe that most of the principles of biodynamic farming can be successfully applied to small farming operations. Because biodynamic farming incorporates organic, all-natural techniques such as manures and composts, these techniques are in practice currently on some farms. Biodynamic farming aspects also rely on astrology and or a form of "magical thinking," which I don't believe would be effective in a small operation, perhaps not even a larger one.

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