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  • Not till the grass is the same green(money) in all countries.

    Meaning to say, if every country would allow it's people to grow just as significantly as sort after countries now. Then yes. Humans still listen to nature and the ultimate goal they have is to have a comfortable life. Why go hunt for new meat, when I can steal one that has already been hunted? This can be seen in the animal world easily. Humans do the same thing.

    Why would I rather stay in my country and earn say 1000, when the same job can earn me 5000 elsewhere?

  • People want benefit

    So they can go to another country if it has good condition. Personally, i think people have their own rights to chose place to work. If you say YES, please give me some explanations and solutions. Brain drain is a big problem need to be solved. Thank you for reading this

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