Can we stop making differences between girls and boys?

  • Gender equality is important.

    Girls used to get major put downs in our past society and still do today. Stereotypically, girls are weak and have to do everything. But gender discrimination happens to both genders. Boys are stereotypically rough and have to handle everything. Let all genders be equal! One thing I am sick of is people saying things like "you can't have that that's for girls" to boys. But with girls it's completely the opposite. Girls have been wearing things that boys usuallly wear like jeans, leather jackets, collared shirts, etc, and people are fine with it. But if a boy wears things like skirts, dresses, high heels, etc, people think it's wrong, weird or that they are gay. Why?!?! Being gay means you are romantically attracted to people of the same gender! Let them be. If we keep setting these restrictions, people will never understand their true self.

  • YES! Wait... That doesn't always make since

    Okay so yeah I want some things to be equal like people should stop saying things like Boys are way better than girls cause girls are so weak! No thats wrong. But sometimes girls and boys do have differences we can't stop. Like our bodies for instance, or how our body works. Girls are usually more flexible than boys and boys are generally faster or stronger than girls

  • We are all the same.

    I don't believe that we should be making boys and girls completely separate. If a girl likes dolls, That's great, but if she likes football, let her like football and visa-verse. Let the children decide what they like instead of force feeding them to like dolls or sports or action figures.

  • Why should we

    Girls are different then boys, one major difference is a penis and vagina. Why else would you not boys are typically more wild and outgoing and girls are more mature but also share a wild side because of the young age. Different mostly, but the sometimes the same obviously for sure.

  • So called "differences" between boys and girls are mainly cultural.

    If you grew up in America, it's likely you were raised believing that women were better parents. This is an example of a stereotype created by society, and something we should aim to destroy. Women are more than mothers, daughters, and sisters - they are people. They are people who make choices that don't have to align with what society believes they "should" be doing with their lives. The same thing goes for men, who tend to have shorter hair and don't wear dresses/makeup only because they would be mocked and ridiculed if they chose to do so. This isn't a "difference" between boys and girls, nor is it even a choice per say. Society has decided what a boy acts like and what a girl acts like but we have the power to rebel and reject traditional gender roles which can be harmful to our children. In fact, some people have become more open minded in recent years and have stopped trying to shove their children into little boxes and everything is going alright.

  • No, we can not stop making differences between boys and girls.

    No, we can not stop making differences between boys and girls. Be it by nature, or by God, boys and girls were created differently. We can do nothing to stop these differences. Girls have vaginas. Boys have penises. Boys are generally stronger and faster (although not in all cases). This does not mean that either gender should be given preferential treatment, but there are simply things that one gender can do better than the other.

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