• If the developed world takes a stand.

    We need fair trade laws. We should not trade with countries that don't protect their workers. We should not protect companies that move jobs overseas in order to exploit their workers.

    If we all were willing to pay more for goods/services, knowing that the money would be going to workers all around the world, this would have happened by now.

    If all developed countries did this, and I mean 100% of them, child labor would be eradicated, and poverty would drop.

  • Something that is a thing will always be a thing.

    As unfortunate as it is, and as pessimistic as it is, something that already exists cannot simply cease to exist as a concept. We have approximately 7,123,771,198 on the earth today, right now, and that number only continues to grow as we find new ways to extend our population ceiling; even the poor thrive to survive, battling Darwin's theory of natural selection and populating the desperate areas of the world with children who may not grow to be quite so fortunate as we are in life.

    We can try to help them, yes, and we can lower the percentages of poverty and child labor wherever they may take place. To use such a definitive word as 'stop' is simply incorrect, however, and it's simply impossible. Even in developed countries such as the US and the UK, poverty and perhaps even child labor runs rampant.

    To lower it would be a struggle. To stop it would be most impossible.

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