• Please Please Please?

    Look, the 15 true racists are starting to have a hay-day here. Not EVERYTHING is racism, racism is NOT that prevalent in our society, WHY DOES EVERY CONVERSATION, POLL, AND DEBATE ON THIS SITE REVOLVE AROUND RACISM?

    Please, if you want to continue discussing racism, use SPECIFIC examples, not just generic, unverifiable, questionable, wishy-washy examples like the Confederate Flag, and McKinney, TX.

    If you really want to discuss racism in the United States, I will be more than happy to oblige all I ask is that you list SPECIFIC subject matter.

    Thank you friends.

  • Are you KIDDING me?

    In today's society, whites are racist until proven innocent. In 2040 when whites will gain the minority status, will they receive any benefits? Probably not, because that will be racist. People who believe that racism still exists needs to switch their television to a channel other than CNN.
    Whites kill blacks, blacks kill whites, blacks kill blacks, and whites kill whites. The way that the media just looks at skin color and considers it "white on black crime" is wrong. All that should matter is that A LIFE (whether black, white, purple, green, etc.) was taken.

  • Conservatives, stop being ostriches!

    The blind old white USA citizens need to stop acting like ostriches every time they don't want to discuss institutional racism. We can have productive discussions if these conservative monsters stop playing childish games and engage the racial issues.
    Drug crimes, for example, are stacked against low income users vs high income recreational consumption. Less than a 5 grams of crack will land a person in jail for 5 years while it takes 100 grams of cocaine to get a similar sentence. Low income users tend to be minorities while high income users tend to be the latter. One example of institutional racism rarely discussed.

  • It is entertaining.

    Watching the fools running around is immensely gratifying, and watching those not in on it react with their closest approximation to outrage is even more so. The racists are simply attempting to pull on strings. Now, if some communists came over, I would be firing a ton of outrage at them, and you could sit back and watch.

  • Racism is an issue

    So it will be spoken about. Do would you rather be ignorant of an issue and forget it exists? Obviously with recent events. This will be a hot topic. No matter your opinion, it is something to be spoken of. How else can we move forward in the world without addressing the issues today?

  • It needs to be acknowledged

    Being silent on racism will not make it go away, it'll just make it more accepted amongst people. Racism needs to be spoken about because so many problems revolve around race, and something needs to be done about it.

    If you have a broken bone, you can try and ignore the pain, but you know that the injury is still there. If people stopped talking about racism, it won't stop racist behaviour. If talking about it makes some people uncomfortable, good. It should. Time and time again, I've seen racism brought up and people - mainly white people - get uncomfortable and then try to pave it over or sweep it under the rug. For example, changing #BlackLivesMatter to #AllLivesMatter. By changing that hashtag, it devalued the voice of black people, implying that, once again, they really don't matter.

  • Colorblindness kills, so no.

    Race is something that needs to be talked about in an open manner. Those that want to avoid it are only adding to the problem by saying we are living in a post-racial or colorblind society. Racism is alive and well in our society. It just isn't an overt discrimination like it was 60 years ago. Now it goes under the guise of the "war on drugs" and through all levels of the criminal justice system.
    Only by talking about it and sharing stories can people become more empathetic toward all different sides. Unless you're one that stands to profit from these racist institutions. Then it will take much more than that. But, yes, we should keep talking about it, because it's not going away any time soon.

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