• Yes, we can take Sanders seriously

    We should take any presidential candidate seriously. Not doing so could result in a prime candidate being ignored. He has strong opinions on very important topics such as the Healthcare system introduced by Obama, and the immigrants problem. We should listen to his ideas and statements, and take them very seriously.

  • Of course we can!

    Yes it is true that Bernie Sanders looks like your grandpa and my grandpa and Deb from the office's grandpa... you get my point. Let's not forget this grandpa has spent most of his entire adult live serving others and experiencing politics firsthand, more than we can say about Donald Trump!

  • Yes, Yes, Yes

    Really are you serious? Can we take Bernie Sanders serious is that really a question? This guy has more of a plan than Trump and everyone is in love with that orange faced, comb-over wearing, ego-crazed fool. Lets be serious, Mr. Sanders is more of a candidate than Donald Trump will ever be.

  • Feel the Bern

    Bernie sanders while sounding a little socialist, is not the guy who wants to deport millions of people, breaking families apart. He is not the guy who wants people to keep making almost nothing while they work long shifts. Bernie Sanders doesn't have anything negative in his record that people can say will affect his presidency

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