Can we the people really join together and take our government and country back?

  • Group together at city level

    The only way is to start at city and state level. We need our spiritual leaders to coordinate a movement, get off their lazy buts and do somethimg. We will follow. If not we are finished. When THEY took GOD out of the country, he turned his back on us.

  • Not Only Can but Will

    We are The People. Regardless of any/all legal and political shenanigans designed to undermine The Constitution, and in so doing perpetrate a tyrannical undertaking upon our nation, these false pretenses can, and will be, reversed, ignored, and/or stricken from our legislative books any and everywhere they come in conflict with the spirit and intent of The Constitution of these United States of America.

  • Yes, we can join together and take our government back.

    It is possible for the people of the United State to reclaim our country. However, it is highly unlikely that it will happen. First of all, the bipartisan system has each 'group' focused on the differences between itself and its opponent. Until the two 'groups' can get past their differences and see the similarities, then there can be no progress made on this front. The party system controls how the people think, whether they want to admit it or not, and it will continue to do so until the people stop buying into it. As long as the Republican and Democratic party exist, the minds of the people will be enslaved, and we cannot "take our government back."

  • If you have to ask, it's too late.

    The frontier days are gone and men are no longer men. We are all people and we will be the same because it makes it easier to take care of us. I don't need to understand my job, or my place in the world, I need to meet a quota so my family gets the same ration as last week..... Oh wait... That's next episode.

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