• Yes, I believe we can trust community leaders to still be alone with children.

    This is a tricky question but at the end of the day I believe we can still trust community leaders to be alone with children. Child predators are among all groups of people, there's no way to completely shield a child from that type of danger. As long as children are taught to be strong and vocal if something they feel is not right is occurring, children can be trusted with community leaders.

  • Like old folks pissing it all depends.

    If those community leaders are trustworthy there shouldn't be a problem leaving them alone with children but how can you gauge if someone is trustworthy because the shittiest of people can hide it the best. Look at Jared Fogel for an example, sadly there are a lot of Jared Fogels in this world but all I can really say is be weary about leaving your children alone with people and trust no one and assume nothing.

  • For the Few Bad, There are Way More Good

    When the headlines scream about a corrupt person, whether it be a community leader or anyone for that matter, it continues to weaken our beliefs in that most people are good. But out of the billions of people in this world, community leaders or not, there are so many more great people who you CAN trust. We must also help educate our children to speak to adults when they are being mistreated or feel uncomfortable. For the majority, you can trust children to be with community leaders.

  • Parents need to protect their own children.

    Unfortunately, we are living in a world where people cannot be trusted simply because of their positions. Instead, parents have the responsibility to protect their children. There are very few people who I leave my children alone with. In most cases, there is safety in numbers, and you cannot be too careful when it comes to your kids.

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