Can we trust Hilary Clinton to be tough on Wall Street and the big banks?

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  • Hillary won't defend our ambassadors, why would she defend us from big money?

    It's astonishing that anyone would trust Hillary to even do their laundry. She has a government email server specifically for the purpose of aiding our country (because she is Secretary of State), and yet that server conveniently crashes whenever she is being investigated. And even more conveniently, some big money wall street people step-in to help her and suddenly she's no longer facing jail time, but running for president. Hillary Clinton will never be tough on Wall Street: she's owned by it.

  • Why would she be?

    Hillary has spent her entire career saying what people want to hear for her entire political career, and there's no reason to expect her to change as President. Clinton has accepted huge donations from Wall Street executives and will continue to do. She can't be trusted with anything she says, but she's still better than any of the Republican candidates.

  • No, I do not believe we can trust Clinton to be tough.

    Clinton has taken numerous speaking fees from big banks, as well as campaign donations. While she says that she would be tough, I believe that a lot of the talk is simply political pandering. Her record does not leave much room for doubt in terms of where she morally stands on the issue.

  • She receives money from Wall Street.

    I don't think we can trust Hillary Clinton to be tough on Wall Street and big banks because she receives campaign contributions from them. Those contributions come with a price. She is promising Wall Street and big banks that she will support them by taking their contributions, so I doubt she would be tough on them.

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