• When you cut out the hot air and the hot mic, she's a really decent person.

    I remember recently reading an opinion piece by someone who disliked Hillary and made a project out of reading her e-mails. If you think between the 11 hour Benghazi hearing and the fact that Hillary had chosen to publicize her e-mails to address the private server controversy, you have an opportunity to gain some insight to who Hillary is as a person. Look, Hillary isn't free of cringe worthy sound bites. She has made decisions that showed poor judgment in the past. But guess what? She's also human. She is capable of learning from mistakes. And she doesn't exactly prove to be shy to say a decision in the past wouldn't be a good decision now. The problem is we apply her past to today's standards, and that's not always fair. There was a thought for example that being tough on crime would "clean the streets" and that the average person living in an urban community would be able to break free of the cycle of crime. Then we learned that didn't work and by breaking up families, we made things worse. But there were blind spots before these initiatives were taken that we know more about now. Hillary can demonstrate to us that she is present, to which she would be able to confront and make judgements based on what we know now. And that is a good thing to have in a President.

  • Yes, we can trust Hillary Clinton.

    Yes, we can trust Hillary Clinton. Although Hillary Clinton seems untrustworthy because of the scandals surrounding her emails. I believe the email scandal was blown out of proportion by her Republican adversaries to taint her as a liar because she is the front runner for the presidential office. Clinton seems primed to emerge as the Democratic presidential nominee.

  • Long history of lying and evasion

    Hillary Clinton has shown a long history of evading issues, placing blame, flat out lying, and murdering adversaries if you believe some of the conspiracy theories. I personally don't subscribe to the last one, but there is still a long history of all of those destructive tactics to cover up some strange coincidences.

  • Liar Liar Liar

    From the time she served as secretary of state, Hilary Clinton has lied, about the attacks in Benghazi, about the wikileaks documents. Every time somebody asks her for answers, she gets defensive and avoids the question. Why Hilary? why wont you give concrete and clear answers on all the discrepancies found while you were serving in any office?

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