• We have no choice.

    It is time for the electorate to start making intelligent voting decisions and elect leaders based on issues and beliefs instead of party and tradition. We are at a pivotal moment in American politics where the people have an opportunity to do away with the two-party dominance that has led to such widespread corruption and stalemates. If the people seize power and take government back, they will be able to have trust in their elected leaders, but will have to do their homework when it comes time to vote.

  • They care about themselves.

    If politicians really cared about doing a good job for their constituents, there would be no reason that they would keep running for office until they are very old. Politicians like to stay into office just because they like having power. They make decisions based on their chances for reelection, not about the good of the people.

  • No, we can not trust our politicians to make the right decisions because they are self-interested human beings.

    Most politicians make many promises and create huge goals for their time in office. The majority of the time, these promises are only made to get elected. Citizens can not trust politicians to make the right decisions on their own, because politicians are often influenced by lobbying companies and make decisions that will get them re-elected. Citizens must show initiative to make sure politicians act in the interest of the public and not themselves.

  • No, we cannot trust our politicians to make the right decisions.

    No, we cannot trust our politicians to make the right decisions. Most politicians are beholden to their donors in the corporate world, not to the citizens they are supposed to represent. The only way to make sure that politicians make the right decisions is to make sure money is taken out of politics.

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