• Genetic mutations may be more simple than we think

    Unlocking the mysteries of life is one of the great joys of science, and mutations are just another aspect of that. I think it's entirely possible that we will eventually understand how mutations work: what causes them, and how they can be fixed. Maybe we won't understand them in my lifetime, but I believe that science is always progressing, and we will surely progress towards knowing what mutations are.

  • We are getting close.

    I think that science will eventually unlock the key to mutations. We are getting so much closer. Just a few decades ago, we didn't know anything about DNA, and now it can be used to make wonderful progress in science and reveal guilt and innocence in court cases. We will get there with mutations, too.

  • Yes, we will solve these mysteries... in time.

    If you look at the progression of science we have made significant progression on a short amount of time. For example, through the use of DNA we can now prove that the great aviator Charles Lindbergh did in fact have illegitimate children in Europe. In one hundred years we will have made even greater strides in our understanding of the workings of the mind, cells, and the body overall....if adequate research funds are provided.

  • We probably can unlock the key to mutations

    It is likely that science will progress to the point where we can unlock the key to mutations. Although I support science and the pursuit of knowledge, I think it is very important that we use that knowledge wisely. Too often, it is being used for the short-term gain of a few individuals. This is not okay.

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