• Wendy Davis can win the Texas Governors Race

    Wendy Davis has burst onto the national political landscape like very few people do. When a politician gets this much notice this quickly, supporters and donors like to get on board quickly and influence the arc of the career of someone the nation is watching. With a groundswell of citizen support and an influx of money, Wendy Dacis has a shot at claiming the Texas Governor's mansion for the Democrats.

  • Wendy Davis Can Win the Texas Governor's Race

    Wendy Davis can win the Texas Governor's race. Davis gained almost overnight success and celebrity which now gives her access to more money, publicity, name recognition, and because of how she got famous, help from grassroots organizations. The Democratic base has more people that have not been voting. If Davis can reach out to those voters and convince them to vote on election day, she could win the race.

  • Wendy cannot win!

    She is not focused! Each day she flip flops on important issues. She has lied about her passed, abortion issue, and gun control. Even her own base have concerns about winning the government race.
    Irin Carmon at MSNBC writes, Wendy Davis falls into abortion question trap:

    This week, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis delighted her detractors and confounded her pro-choice supporters when she appeared to support the very same 20-week ban she spent 11 hours filibustering…..

    It’s far too late for Davis to shy away from abortion rights, including the more politically uncomfortable parts, after confronting them head-on in her filibuster. Regardless of what she was trying to say, a political campaign isn’t a great place for complex or nuanced moral conversations. On the campaign trail, Davis would likely be better off if she stuck to the broader point she made in her filibuster: “The alleged reason for the bill is to enhance patient safety. But what [the provisions] really do is create provisions that treat women as though they are not capable of making their own medical decisions.”

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