• Words and definitions change with time

    It's not what it used to mean, It's now a term of endearment. A tiny minority still use it in racist terms. .
    Much like calling someone retarded is now taboo. It used to mean "slow" and was acceptable but now its not.
    It used to just mean black person, With no racist tie to it, Then it obviously meant slave filth etc in the Dark racist times
    Now it's a way of saying brother. Get over it.

  • It's not the modern generation's fault

    We aren't the same Caucasians that enslaved the Africans. As a society, We have become more advanced and know to not recreate the history that our ancestors made. As long we don't use in the same context that slave owners did, White people should be able to say the "n" word

  • I'm black and I say YEA

    Even though people might say that "Ohhh white people said it as a racist thing" YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that THEY aren't the ones who enslaved African Americans. Their ANCESTORS did. They can say it if they want to, If it isn't in a racist or rude way. Period. They can rap it, They can say it to their friends. It doesn't matter to me, As a black person. My dad is white and he says it, And I honestly don't mind at all!

  • Its okay if youre not using it to be in racist context

    Everybody can say whatever the fuck they want as long as they are not using it to degrade someone else because of how they were born, because THAT is racist. Otherwise, you can say whatever you want to because it’s a word. If it ever came back to the point where people WERE using it to actually BE RACIST, then i could see your point of saying white people can’t say it. But for now, just let people say whatever the fuck they want because IT IS A DOUBLE STANDARD. If black people don’t want white people using it, yet they can still use it, that’s a double standard. Get over the history of it, this is the present.

  • It is a double standard

    It is a double standard. The whole idea of "racism" is one race being treated differently or given different rights based on race. First of all, legally, people in this country have the right to say whatever they want. But even from a social standpoint. If black people are given the right to say a word, but white people are denied the same right, it contradicts the progressive standpoint. In order to get past "racism", people need to start from the bottom. Just because decades ago, this word was used for hate, the context and deffinition of the word has totally changed. It is unreasonable for one race to "own" a word.

  • It is retarded to suggest that one race should not be able to use certain words.

    There is no logical thought process that can defend banning words for particular races. People getting offended does not mean they are allowed to control what others can do or have access too.

    Simply put, your offense to something does not grant you the right to control that item or people.

    The logic of people who try to defend this nonsense also supports the ban on words like queer, faggot, retard, retarded, etc. The list is basically infinite to liberals because they are offended by everything.

    Hell, the traditional white family is offensive to some people. Should white people be barred from having children and marrying because people feel offended?

    The ones who complain about this dumb shit are perpetual children who think with their emotions instead of their brains.

  • Depends On The Context

    If its in a rap song sure why not? Rappers nowadays use it too much and its their own fault. If you are joking around with your friends sure why not? But if you mean it as a racial slur then its really not acceptable as it is really offensive and as a white person especially is mostly offensive because whites used to keep blacks as slaves so yea

  • Separate words for separate races?

    Lets divide the entire dictionary up between the races - I'll have the first half, you have the second. Wait what ?? That sounds silly ? Only allowing one group to use certain words. ?Of course it is ! . What about those who are 50% black.. Can they only use the word every other day ? Bloody hell, you are all adults and as such should be fully aware you are able to use every word as you see fit. Never in my life have I heard so much horseshit over the use of a word. If it's going to offend someone, don't call them it. Otherwise go ahead, shout nigger as loud as you like !! "fuck" used to be a word no one says, but now its everywhere. Stop making the use of the word nigger an issue - no one really gives a flying fuck about it anymore anyway.

  • It's either all okay or none of it's okay. It's not fair for the level of hypocrisy it carries to be defended.

    Although it's unfair, it's not in my place for me to say it's not in their culture. It does hold a huge case of offense and a blood soaked history within itself. It was used to degrade a certain group of people but is inappropriate no matter who uses it or how it's used.

  • Only one way to take away meaning.

    Something can't be ok for one group of people to do and another group of people not be able to do. If something's bad then it's bad for everyone. If people argue that the word nigger is bad then they are giving it power whereas if people actually want to take meaning away from the word they will have to either accept it as not being bad anymore or just stop using the word all together.

  • It is NOT a double standard.

    The fact of the matter is, white people have used the term, historically, as a racist and offensive slur to black people. So, when a white people say “the N word”, they carry the same racist meaning behind it. Black people have changed the game and made the word a more positive and neutral thing to say, so when a black persons says it, they do not carry the racist and offensive meaning behind it. The word has been used by white people all throughout history with a negative meaning, so therefore, the word still has the negative meaning when white people use it. But since black people have made it more positive for their culture, it is appropriate for them to say it.
    And also, that whole “if i cant call a black person the N word then they can’t call me a cracker” thing is just stupid. Cracker and the N word have no relation whatsoever. The word “cracker” has no negative meaning behind it. “Cracker” wasn’t a term used by black people when they beat and whipped their white slaves. That never happened. On the other hand, the N word actually WAS and STILL IS a racial slur used by white people when they beat and whipped their black slaves. THAT DID HAPPEN. (I say “still is” because slavery IS still a thing in some places.)

  • Completely unnecessary, and neither should anyone who grew up well-off

    'Nigga' evolved from 'nigger'. White people and slave owners called blacks nigger because the whites felt superior as a race, and deemed the blacks the least worthy, not considering them human beings. 'Negro' and 'nigger' were the official names for the race, even blacks called their theirselves 'negro'. 'Nigga' popularized after the civil rights movement. Especially with the works of Tupac. Blacks started saying 'nigga' as empowering slang, because of the struggle of growing up poor and facing discrimination.

    Growing up black, lower-class, and in the south, it was a word I heard on a daily basis. The only white people I saw were my teachers at school and on tv.

    Yes, its not your fault your white ancestors were racists, but know that its not MY fault my black ancestors were enslaved, illiterate by force, killed off, paid under wage or not at all. When the slaves were freed, they couldn't survive on their own. Knowing nothing but slavery, they continued to work for the white men, farming for little to nothing's worth. Slavery is the reason most white people are better off, don't have to work hard to achieve a goal because they have connections and wealth, or there's some relative with a death will that passes on more wealth.

    I envy whites for this, for I have never had a trust fund, a college savings account, parents that could miss a day's work and not worry about paying bills, or have relatives pass down wealth.

  • They cannot say it.

    If a white person says the n word, then they will spontaneously combust. I have personal experience with this, because one of the voices in my head died from trying this. Also, if you are one of the few immune people to spontaneous combustion, then Obama and his liberals wills imprison you for "hate speech". I mean, if black people didn't want to be called n*ggers, then why did they try to move into my neighborhood?

  • You really shouldn't

    Ragnar is saying this is a double standard, and I'm here to say that it really isn't. It is not a double standard because this is a false equivalency. If you look at the context of the word, and its origin, it means something when a white person uses it against a black person. The word does not have the same weight when a black person uses it.
    Sorry, those are the facts. If a black person is uncomfortable with you using that word, you should respect it.

  • Nobody should use it

    Doesn't matter where you're from. If you're fresh off the plantation you should know more so not to ever use that word. The ones that use it so freely are young black teenagers that never picked a single cotton in their life and have no clue what slaves really struggled through. Nobody should use it, celebrate it or use it endearingly. You don't see jews call themselves kikes or Chinese call themselves chinks. It's completely disrespectful to your own people and to the white people that have been backing the black people up and their rights.

  • I don't think anyone should

    Well, here's my take on figuring it out. I personally don't think anyone, regardless of their race, should be using this term. It's a demeaning and offensive word that has no place in conversation. I have never heard the word used in a manner that did not in some way demean. Perhaps the right exists to use this word but in my opinion this doesn't justify using it.

  • I mean I really don't wanna touch this

    Really its best maybe to not say it even though you have the right to because it is only going to be an offensive term. But hey I'm just the one posting this so actually its up to you guys to figure it out lol. Screw you guys I'm going home!

  • You CAN, but it's unloving...

    Of course anyone can say the n-word; anyone could also walk into a Baptist church and yell, "G*ddamn!" or "F*ck Jesus!" Using such loaded words won't offend everyone, but using the n-word will hurt the feelings to a significant percentage of the black population.
    I understand that it feels like a double-standard, words are just words, you shouldn't have separate words for separate races, and it depends on context... But when the majority oppresses a minority, there is a long-lasting hurt. And using a historical insult in a way that the minority finds offensive, it still hurts.
    Some minority cultures indeed try to "reclaim" the word, but that's generally for themselves to do -- because they are the ones that are hurt. Some repressed cultures reclaim the word wholeheartedly, such as the Quakers. Some repressed cultures reclaim a word partially, such as how the LGBT+ community has reclaimed queer, where the context is very important. However with the black community, the societal norm is for all outsiders to use the euphemism "n-word".
    So in conclusion, I would argue that the question is not well-phrased. Can a non-black person use the n-word... Yes; but, can a non-black person use the n-word and not offend... No.

    Posted by: Ende
  • Can only black people use it in Scrabble?

    How is reclaiming a word that most everybody agrees is offensive in some contexts, helping you. What possible reason could you have for keeping that word around when most likely it would just die out from disuse. What if I'm writing an article about hip hop and that word appears in one of the song titles I'm mentioning? Are black people allowed to play it in Scrabble and white people not? A silly question, for sure, but this discussion just isn't productive. Black people obviously don't like the word (theyre just "reclaiming" it for some as yet unknown purpose) and civilized white people would only use it in relation to rap lyrics, so let's just stop using it. Simple.

  • I don't care about your skin color, you shouldn't say it

    Being a skin color doesn't justify if you can say the word. Why would one person want to use or say the word at all with the meaning behind the word. It is just wrong plain and simple. The word simply has no beneficial use for anyone. Don't continue to use the word that was used to bring us down in the first place. Makes no sense.

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