Can white people say the n word (with an a at the end)

  • Yes to a point

    Before everyone freaks out. Let me speak my peace, I am a black American and all my white friends say the n word around me cause i don’t care. And the big issue is if they really “can” say it and I think the word nigga isn’t that bad the word nigger is terrible but the a version is okay. I feel like if Martin Luther king jr and Malcom X were still alive they would expect white people to be saying nigga. Not being ok with them doing it but they would be like expecting it to happen. And Spanish kids say it so why can’t white people. They can’t say it just because their skin is lighter is all of a sudden racist. So the whole systems messed up either everyone says nigga or nobody says it at all.

  • Fellow black people, Stop acting like you care

    I understand why people would say no, But be 100% honest. . . .
    Do you really care? ! ? Seriously, Your white or hispanic or whatever friends calling you the word is okay but hearing it from someone you don't know is so bad? Y'all get all extra but most of us don't even know what the word means and just use it because we can. Truly I think nobody should use the words but thats just unrealistic.

  • My homeboys in the hood

    Yo, Aight listen if my white friends who are in the hood wanna refer to me as their nigga then that's fine, The same way I refer to them as wigga. Yall just a bunch of SOFT N I G G A S, The problem is when they add er on the end.

  • Absolutely the hell not

    NO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAN A NON-BLACK PERSON USE THE N-WORD, REGARDLESS OF THE LAST LETTER. The n-word has been used throughout history to further look down upon and mock the African American population. It is entirely unacceptable to overlook the demeaning and horrifying history of that word. No. Exception.

  • No bitch tf

    It not ok hard r or not its all the same because it came from slavery so no, Crackers cannot say nigga or nigger idgaf cry me a mf river. Anyways I need 20 more words so this is gibberish (the rest not the beginning lmaoo nf;bweohb bfkhb2e jbdlkbf kjebfkjb )

  • Its disrespectful to try

    The fact that you'd consider circumventing it is disrespectful. We are all human but don't piss people off just to be a dickhead, If you really want to you can say it, If your willing to risk having a 9mm slug coming out of the other side of your head

  • They truly cannot

    I'm white and I guarantee white people cannot say the n-word. Before writing this post, I tried to say it and nothing came out. It must be physically impossible for white people to say it because no matter how hard I tried, No sound came out of my mouth. I even tried it with an a at the end and it still didn't work.

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