• How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

    Men and women can easily be friends. Think of HIMYM. Ted and Lilly were friends. I know this is just a show and they're actors, but I have seen it a couple of time. And its actually happening with me. As long as there is no tension between those two people and absolutely no attraction at all, then it can easily be established. There's something called a flirtationship. If you can do that, then they can definitely be friends.

  • Men and women can benefit from friendship

    In spite of what you may have been told in When Harry Met Sally, it's entirely possible for women and men to be nothing more than friends. It happens all the time. Of course, this might be hard for males from rural areas who were never properly socially conditioned. But they can learn just as well as anyone else.

  • If it's the right 2 people

    I do think in some circumstances a men and a woman can be just friends. It's not something that really all that rare to begin with. As long as they both understand that it is strictly a friendship to ensure no sexual feelings were to ever go through either's mind.

  • Yes to say otherwise is lying

    Yes men and women can be friends. There are many people of the opposite sex that I am not attracted to that I have no problems being friends with. The people that can't be friends are the ones that are atracted to each other cause this will only cause problems.

  • Of course they can

    Men are going to be receptive to the idea of having sex with most women they come across, that's without debate. That doesn't mean a man and a woman cannot be friends, I'm friends with some attractive women and I know that's just not an avenue we're going to go down. The genders aren't so far apart that they cannot find friendship.

  • I'm Friends With My Sisters In-Law

    Of course men and women can be friends. I am friends with my wife's sisters. There is no sexual attraction there whatsoever--I am simply friends with them because they are related to my wife. Men and women are friends all the time without any need to "leave the friend zone."

  • No reason why not

    Absolutely. I think men and women that are completely honest from the get go can be friends. The only issues arise if one or both aren't exactly sure where they stand and hide their feelings. But if you find people that are honest about how they feel and what they want, there is no reason that a perfectly fine friendship can't be forged between people of the opposite sex.

  • Yes men and women can be friends

    I think that it is possible for men and women to carry on a platonic relationship and to be friends with each other. I think that there are men and women out there who are good friends, and have no desires for each other and instead view each other as brother and sister.

  • Yes women and men can be friends!

    Yes men and women can (and should) have fruitful and meaningful friendships. Friendship has no practical limits on who can form a friendship, Typically friends will share common backgrounds, occupations, or interests. Many male-female friendships are based on shared relationships with other parties or friends. Friendships should not be limited by gender.

  • Yes, men and women can be friends.

    As long as men and women can stop trying to compete with each other, they can be friends. They don't have to be better than the other, or be lovers. They can go to dinner or a movie, even watch football together. There doesn't have to be a romantic ring to it.

  • I think not.

    I need not make an argument. This whole debate can be summed up with a question to heterosexual men who think they have a women as a friend. Did you ever feel sexually attracted to your lady friend. If the answer is no give it some time. Just give it some time.

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branden80 says2013-04-29T20:27:58.513
How to make friends with a women, ask them if they love you, then they say "as a friend"