• Of course women can be in the senate

    If someone says that women can not be in the Canadian senate then ask them why not. I mean why can women not be in the senate or why can't they be called persons? Aren't women persons just like men? I think that women should be in the senate because they know like differently then men do and they can help give more rights to women.

  • Women can do anything.

    Women can do anything they set their minds to, including being politicians. Just look at Hilary Clinton. In this day in age, we need a women in the office because having constant male presidents is not doing much for the feminism movement that is occurring. Women are just as able as men.

  • Women Can Do Whatever They Want

    Women can hold whatever positions they want in society. The political realm isn't just a good ol' boy network. Women may even make better politicians in that they may take an easier stance with each other instead of being argumentative. A record 20 women were elected to the Senate in 2012. Perhaps that is a sign the times are changing.

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