• Damn right they can be

    I am all about social justice but anyone can be ugly. The are some truly ugly females put there both physically and mentally. If a girl is physically "ugly" I will not date her. It's not because she is a horrible person its because I'm not attracted to her. But if she is a nice person I will still interact with her just as I would with anyone else. The whole feminist no girl is ugly bull is usually lead by the ugliest ones. Gorgeous women are a dime a dozen these days. But genuine, smart and nice people are in redibly rare. But if a girl is being ugly I have no issue saying it right to her face. Pop culture does not scare me and as soon as people let it scare them it has won

  • Yes! They can be!

    And there are some ugly-as*ed guyed out there too. It used to be, anyone could cure "ugly" with a diet ... A little plastic surgery ... Possibly rehab. But today, people are doing such weird things to their bodies. It makes it impossible to cure "ugly". The sad thing is that society will pre-judge them. It doesn't matter how smart, creative, compassionate, etc., that they are. These traits aren't seen. So, the "ugly" denies them of good jobs and other opportunities.

  • Beauty is Subjective

    While some features, such as symmetry and cleanliness, seem to be naturally associated with beauty, the aesthetic value of a person is largely subjective. I don't like calling people "ugly". I prefer to use the term "unattractive", which I feel conveys the subjectivity of the judgment more so than "ugly" does. However, if someone uses "ugly" to describe those they find unattractive, it is obviously very possible for someone to be "ugly".

  • A matter of perspective

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.One may find someone very attractive while another finds the same person disgusting.Being ''ugly'' surpasses physical characteristics and encompasses inner qualities to.A person can be ugly by displaying shallow and selfish personality traits.In a way there is beauty and ugly in everyone. Its not a question with a clear answer

  • Oh fo sho

    Most people are ugly. Men and women are getting uglier. A majority of people are fat and ugly. Think about it how many women are good looking enough for an adult film? Not many. So there you go. Proof in the pudding. Arousal is necessary for intercourse and pleasurable experiences.

  • Ugliness Goes as Far as True Depth

    Any woman in today's society is capable of being pretty on the surface of our skin. However, that's about where it ends. Everyone now, women especially, are born into a materialistic and indulgent world. The reason men are still branded pigs is because the women have turned into this themselves. And I'm certainly not saying all women are this way. Some are still born with natural mental capacity and a small bit of humanity. However, there aren't enough to say that anyone is carrying the fire. But then again, is anybody?

  • Yes, anyone can be ugly.

    Since "ugly" is in quotations in the question, I assume it is open to interpretation, and I will do so in two ways.
    First, I will take the more literal sense as ugly meaning physically unattractive. Everyone looks different from each other and due to everyone having ideas about what is aesthetically pleasing (be it from nature or nurture), some people look more attractive or more ugly than others. The more extreme the characteristics, the more polar people become on the attractiveness scale.
    Secondly, ugly could be referring to a persons personality or the way they treat others. All of us being human, I don't feel the need to come up with examples to prove that all people (regardless of how physically attractive they are) are capable of being ugly to one another.

    That being said, even if you think someone is ugly, that doesn't give anyone the right to call someone else ugly.

  • Unless you want to die ...

    After watching all the pro-female commercials I see one toxic strain within them which suggests that women simply cannot be ugly and are always beautiful as they are; while Dove actually aims to sell beauty products it declares that it isn't necessary for a woman's beauty but focuses on the external nature of a woman's beauty nonetheless. Various make-up agencies take models and remove their make-up but this is foolish; taking a naturally beautiful model and removing her make up to prove that she is naturally beautiful doesn't make sense. Yet it worked.

    To call a woman ugly today is to commit social suicide regardless of your social standing on the grounds that all woman are beautiful, period. Ironically to tell a woman she looks better in make-up or with certain aspects also is the same social suicide so despite companies selling these things as beauty products acknowledging them is equivalent to committing a horrific crime against woman-kind.

  • What a loaded poll, like most.

    What is a beautiful woman? To me it is the one that adores me, and themselves. That is a beautiful woman in my mind. Women, and men need to work hard to gain the title of beautiful, but body image is either irrelevant or obvious, in the eye of the beholder. Love the pic of he skinny hot chics, but that mantra is what has created diseases like bolemia. Good ? Tool.

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