Can women become physically stronger than man in the future?

Asked by: gmxalex
  • Yes they can

    There is a possibility that women become stronger, if man get lazy and women train more there could genetically surpass the avarage man in strength after some generations. For cultural reasons women were not meant to train their bodies in the past. But now they can and they are very ambitious.

  • It is certainly possible.

    The future holds genetic modification which will allow strength the be modified. While not likely, (because both males and females would be modified) it is certainly possible.

    Of course evolution might bring strength more inline for the future when male and female differences are reduced, and perhaps bring females genetically stronger than men.

    Again, not super likely, but definitely a possibility.

  • Case By Case

    As the "no" statement said, men and women are equal in different ways. Men are stronger, women are smarter. That's how we were created or evolved, depending on how one looks at things. However, if one looks at things from a case-by-case basis, some women are stronger than some men. One example is that Ronda Rhousey can kick my a** in a fight for sure.

  • Sure Women can become stronger than men

    Well, many women are already stronger than their boyfriends and husbands today (2017)! They are more diligent, as a group or gender, to be exercising and weight training because girls now have all the sports that men have--so they are training like never before. Amazingly, in the elementary, junior high and even high school, girls often dominate boys in wrestling. I think this trend will continue.

  • All about development and giving it time

    As time passes the gender affects less and less the activities we "can" or "can't" do and technology frees us of most "heavy" works, so I can see men and women are slowly becoming equal. Basically I believe some time in the future men and women bodies and facial traces will be as similar as it is with japanese people (asians in general). Many of them look androgenous and it's hard to state their gender.

  • Yes without a doubt

    I can see no reason why not ,men are becoming more feminine ,and women are becoming more masculine .More women join gyms than men ,the average young man plays on his playstation and acts out fantasy games ,whilst lots of young women train .Women /girls are getting taller and stronger than the average man/boy I think its only a matter of time.

  • We are all different

    Humans have all different strengths and weaknesses, Woman can be stronger then men and men can be stronger then woman, It just depends on who you are and your genetics, It is true that a woman can be stronger and bigger, We come in all different shapes and sizes, Humans evolve all the time, But I'm not saying woman will become stronger in the future because there are already woman that are stronger then men, Woman will probably just be the same strength as men because that might be the limit to strength, Also humans are not all the same strength anyways some are stronger then others, You can't just assume because of a gender there going to be weak because it's not true your born strong or your born average for both genders, Yes I know people say that men are stronger because they have more testotrone but it's not true because some woman can have a overload of testosterone which means they have more male hormones and men can have more female hormones, What I'm trying to say is it's genetics that make you strong because you could be a really muscular person and get beating by a person with no muscle what so ever, Testosterone does build muscle and makes stronger bones but like i said some woman have more testosterone, And just because you have more muscle doesn't mean your always going to be stronger.

  • They sure can they are proving it.

    Today you see more women at the gym then men. I know one woman who is such a gym rat that she goes three times a day and the weight she handles is very Impressive, I see woman a little less are equal to men when training upper body and equal or surpassing the men in the lower body workouts. Plus you add their stamina and they are just out doing the men period. If this trend continues you may see the women as the hunters and the men as the gathers.

  • How Humans Grew

    This isn't to say that women aren't as flexible (because they're statistically more) or anything like that, and there certainly are some women stronger than most men, but in general, humans evolved with men having more PHYSICAL strength only. This is because when humans were evolving, when humans were hunter-gatherers the women were "encumbered" with pregnancy, therefore forcing men to be the hunters. We of course evolved, meaning that since men were the hunters, they had to evolve to be physically strong. This isn't to say that if humans were evolving in today's society this would happen, since we now don't need to worry about hunting considering how we've built up, but we can't change the way we evolved. In response to your argument about if all men suddenly got lazy, there is no reason for all men to get lazy and not women; both genders have equal brains and minds, so there is no reason for one gender to suddenly get lazy and not the other. Also, women did not evolve as strong not because of cultural reasons (as we didn't have culture in hunter-gatherer society) but for reasons stated above. Of course, none of this physical strength matters in today's society, therefore men and women are equal - this is just how humans evolved.

  • Men have always and will always be stronger than women

    I love women, and I am thrilled that there are more sports accessible to females. No doubt there are more women participating in athletics today and even more are physically active at a higher level than their mothers and grandmothers. However, the women just a few generations removed were just as physically strong and tougher than today's; simply due to the fact of everyday living back then. The chores that were required around the home generated strong women. There are too many physical and chemical differences between a man and woman to make up the gap; no matter how much a woman works out our the amount of PEDs they take to try to narrow the strength difference. Scientific data backs this up, along with the increased injury rate that women incur when compared to men during extreme physical challenges and stress.

  • Yes for sure they could be

    I used to work with a lady who was about 6'4 and I'd guess around 18 stone. I'm a 6' 12 stone male. Yes this lady would easily have been more powerful than me without doubt. I found her size rather intimidating to say the least as I was smaller and weaker.
    My point is what's not to say women could end up being the size of this lady in the future? If so then males would just have to get used to it however intimidating it might be.

  • Men are naturally stronger

    If a woman work and exercise like a man still she weaker than a man. Men physically stronger just accept it feminist bullshit.Men made for war, heavy work, protect women and children.Almost all men stronger than almost all women.Feminist should go to the syria war and than this mental patient understand the reality.

  • Hunters and gatherers.

    The answer is no. Giving yourself reasons to convince your yourself of any other answer is ridiculous. Lets see. Since. Forever. Men in their brains . Chemically. Have been dominate for a reason. Protection of the family. Hunting of meat. Fighting wars.

    Women. To be protected. Through pregnancy. Through raising children. Taking care of things at home. Yes saying "do my dishes women" is disrespectful. And yes. In today's world a women can do most jobs.

    But excuse me. You can't rely on "genetic engineering might be able to make women strong like dudes in the future." okay. To do this we would have to make them bigger. With more muscle mass. An all around stronger figure. They would pretty much look like dudes. Don't even want to think how pregnancy would work.

    The argument that women are smarter and men are stronger is also very irritating. People make excuses for women all. The. Time. But the answer is no. Again. Yes women can be the smartest in the world. But sadly. Our mist intelligent people on the planet happen to be mostly men. What do feminists do? Go around saying its mens fault.

    All through school you know what I seen? Huh ladies? I seen you all talk and talk and talk and talk. Nothing about anything intelligent.

    You know what I seen during school exercises? All throughout school? Not a single one of you doing the workouts correctly. Your form is terrible which results in weak arms. No balance. No excuses.

    Yet today women cry and cry and cry about being better or as good as men. When everyone is already equal.

    And again. I'm not saying women shouldn't be aloud to do what they want. But I am saying you should try to be the best you can be as an *individual* not as a gender.

    -I've said this a few times out of be I g annoyed and a feminist tells me I disrespect women. No. I disrespect feminists. They don't understand equality. And from my view they just want everyone to five them what they want.

    -I'm also getting married. She's awesome. Does what she wants without crying like you people.

  • No, they cannot

    God made us the way we are for a reason. When we were hunter gatherers, men would hunt for food, while women would give birth for future families of hunters and more women. Sure, some women are stronger than men, but this is because they trained and worked out and stuff. These are acquired traits, acquired over that woman's life. These are not passed on. A really good karate dude might not have sons or daughters as strong and as physically fit as him.

  • Tough to say

    The way this questions is worded is very loaded, because it is impossible to prove that this can't happen, so it should be an automatic 100% yes. However is it likely.

    Basing on the history of mankind I would say no. For 250,000 years men have been physically stronger than women. However, it is very different in today's society, we have developed so much in the last 300 years. Men have genetics on their side, men produce more testosterone than woman, and I have never heard of a bodybuilder taking estrogen supplements. Men also currently have the edge in societal norms. Women are more attracted to physically strong men and men are more attracted to slender petite women. In short, although it is not impossible to disprove, the evidence would show that we would have to undue and reverse 250,000 years of evolution and societal development, and that is not likely.

  • This is the way it is, nature gave us all these charactesistics, forever.

    There is no point in thinking that women can get any stronger than men, that is absurd. To begin with, we're born with certain characteristics according to the gender and the role we will have in nature. Women give birth; men, on the contrary, protect the family and hunt for food. So we need to be stronger, bigger, more agressive and intimidatory (that's why we have lower-pitched voices). As a consequence, nature makes us all men produce much more testosterone than women, a hormone that gives men all such powerful characteristics.

  • Its All In The Genetics

    It's just genetic, we evolved for men to be the stronger, and that hasn't changed in the past few hundred years and I don't see it happening in the next few hundred either. Men being not be needed as much in the future, but the only way that would really change is genetic engineering.

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