• And it will

    We have been engineering food for thousands of years - do people really think that corn grows like that in its natural form? Advances in agriculture due to the use of technology is part of what makes humans human, and biotech food is simply the latest extension of the ancient practice.

  • I think that world hunger can be cured with biotech food.

    I think that world hunger can be cured with biotech food. Genetically engineered foods may not be the healthiest,
    but using them could improve the world’s food output. There are millions of people on earth who don’t
    even have enough money to eat one meal a day and biotech food could feed them.

  • Science is the answer

    The first rule of economics is scarcity: there is not enough of everything to go around so as for everyone to get everything they want. The only true gains to be made economically are through increased efficiency or technological advancement. Science has allowed far more people throughout the world today to be fed than at any other point in history, so its not unthinkable that the need for food will be reduced completely in the future.

  • No, world hunger cannot be cured with biotech food.

    I do not think world hunger be can be cured with biotech food, because their are cons to it like Antibiotic resistance, that could be dangerous for the most poverty stricken areas of the world. Those areas do not have the best health care and the people of those countries might have weak immune systems that could not fight off contamination between genetically modified and non-genetically
    modified foods.

  • World hunger cannot be cured with biotech food.

    World hunger cannot be cured with biotech food. There are too many families out there that are going without right now. This issue could have been solved a long time ago but the greed of profiting corporations prevent this from happening. As long as someone can make a profit from something, the issue of hunger will remain an issue.

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