• War gets you no where

    It can easily be prevented, but that is all up to the people of the world to decide. They need to quit being so petty, just because other people live a different lifestyle. The biggest way to stop another war is just take care of poverty. That will not squash everyone's beef, but it will allow people to put most of their energy elsewhere. Give them bigger things to think about.

  • World War Being Prevented

    I personally think that the world war can be prevented as long as it is not enemies and as long as it is motivation then anything's possible. I personally think that the world war can be prevented as long as we as the world is willing to work together to prevent the world war.

  • world war be prevented

    I personally agree that world war can be prevented ,Yes, it could have been prevented. If the Germans had been appeased after the World War I, another war could have been prevented. However, the Germans faced discrimination and oppression after the World War I which gave rise to anger and war emotions.

  • It Must Be

    We will not survive another world war on the scale of the last two. We now have the technology to exterminate ourselves. We must seek peaceful solutions to the world's problems. We must also face the facts, here in the United States, that just as the British empire has faded, as Rome fell, so shall we. We are already falling behind much of the world in science, economy, and technology. Our energies should be put more into developing friendships, partnerships, with up and coming countries, rather than acting as if we control the world.

  • As long as there is good and evil

    As long as there are good people in this world willing to stand up against greed and corruption there will be wars. I would like to think that one day we will all become a much more civilized.....civilization, but i am not going to be holding my breath. War is the true oldest profession.

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