• Yes, it is possible.

    According to a book called "Science, Evolution, and Creationism", many Christian religions have already accepted the theories and experiments of evolution. It is mainly the Protestant religions who have not yet accepted and embraced the evolution theories. The bible is intended to be a book of morals, not a History Class Textbook. Basically, it is not intended to be taken literally, even Theologians state that.

  • Yes I believe you can believe in both

    As a Christian myself I do believe God created the world and let it evolve from there.

    Some people will try to debunk that by saying it's not true the earth is only 5000 years old or picking one verse from the Bible to support their case, but the thing is no one here can really know for sure what God's plan or will is we know for a fact evolution happens and I believe it coexists with God's plan.

  • Christian Doesn't Mean Close-Minded

    Not every Christian is a mindless automaton of fundamental beliefs. God created everything. That "everything" includes a belief in evolution. Evolution can still exist because God still has a hand in everything. God sets everything in motion and knows all. God allows violence, pestilence and poverty to exist to let humans have free will. God also created the human mind to be scientific and to seek out facts as well as faith.

  • Being Christian is compatible with believing in evolution

    Being a Christian is about believing in Jesus Christ as the Savior and God as the creator all things. The fossil record, unless it is a massive hoax played by God himself, is clear evidence that life on this planet evolved. The stories of the Bible were written long before there was any scientific study into evolution. The writers were seeking ways to explain how God created life when there was no other proof as to how we were formed from "nothing".

  • As in Theory of Evolution? No.

    You cannot believe in the theory of evolution and be a christian. The theory states that we came from a mindless, random process, while Christianity states we were created in the image of God. You can't be on both sides. You have to pick one or the other. No alleged reconciliation works.

  • A true Christian cannot be an evolutionist in any sense of the word: these two are incompatible.

    Please--can't you see? A part of believing in God means that you believe that everything He says is TRUE. You believe in evolution and you believe that God's Words in Genesis 1-2 were wrong. Then how do you know He hasn't lied when He said that Jesus' death and resurection cover my sins when I repent and believe on Him? If what He says is wrong can't trust Him anymore. I trust my Savior...all the way.

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