Can you be a good wife while keeping your own ideas, opinions, habits, lifestyles and so on?

Asked by: alaina
  • Being a good wife does not mean losing yourself

    Yes, you can be a good wife while still being true to your ideas, opinion, etc. Just because a woman is married she does not automatically lose her thought processes. Now, instead of only considering her own thoughts on a subject she now is dedicated to consider her husbands thoughts as well, but this goes both ways.

  • Good Wives are Equal Partners

    Being a good wife means having an equal share in the marriage. Everyone deserves to have their own opinions, beliefs and ideals even if your spouse's ideals are different. A good wife is honest and truthful about what she wants. If she wants to be the breadwinner while the husband stays home, go for it. Mutual respect and mutual trust make great marriages, not one person's submissiveness to another.

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