• Just Like Any Other Drug

    Yes, you can be addicted to marijuana. Anything that changes or impacts a person’s attitude or emotions can become an addiction. The feeling of euphoria that comes from smoking marijuana can become an addictive mental state that a person craves if it is withheld for a period of time. The person who is used to having it could become nervous, edgy and ill tempered – all signs of addiction.

  • Yes you can be addicted to marijuana.

    Although there may not be one specific chemical in it that makes you addicted, like drugs such as cocaine and heroin, there is a feeling achieved that causes the addiction. People become dependent on the relaxed feeling to be able to function and get through their days, to the point where they are high 24-7.

  • Yes

    You can be addicted t marijuana. In this sense, it's the same as a medicine. Any medicines that we use to make us feel better are already used routinely for the most part as per the prescription. This can be seen as an addiction of formed habit. marijuana can be the same, because of the positive effects.

  • No, but it's possible to be dependent on it.

    I believe the official definition of addiction requires that there be withdrawal symptoms should the user attempt to quit the drug; as there are with caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc. There are no, as far as I know, withdrawal symptoms present when users attempt to quit smoking marijuana. That being said, many marijuana users depend on the drug for one reason or another (stress reduction, sleep aid) and it can be difficult for that individual to cope without the drug for a time, but there would not be additional symptoms due to "coming off" the drug.

  • Dependance Does Not Equal Addiction

    There are no addictive chemicals in Marijuana. If you have ever seen someone detox off of alcohol or heroine you would see the difference. Never have I seen or heard of a person quitting Marijuana go through the kind of hell that quitting those substances cause these people. And once off the weed for a short time, the psychological dependance goes quickly.

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