• an Addiction is an Addiction... no matter what

    a lot of people that smoke pot always use cover-ups like "it's not addictive", but that is just as big of a lie as the next time you hear it. ANYTHING can addict someone, no matter if its watching a certain television show, brushing your teeth a certain way, or evan if your stretch a certain way ever morning, after a couple weeks your body becomes use to it and it feel a strong "NEED" for this thing you do because it has been incorporated into your life style for such an un-average amount of time. This would also include pot. it doesn't matter if you think it doesn't, in the future you will find out it does.

  • Addictive Personalities Would Agree

    Some people are more prone to addictions than others. One can become addicted to marijuana, alcohol, beef jerky, anything. I've seen people who are addicted to vinegar! It's all a matter of knowing one's limits and being able to back off when one realize's it's becoming a problem.

  • Always Possible.

    You can get addicted to pot. You can be addicted to any drug and the highs you get from them, that's why they are dangerous and should not be used by anyone unless it is for a medical reason, they are unhealthy and really not needed. They are just a risk that people don't need to take.

  • Not in any meaningful way.

    While it is the nature of human beings to be able to form a habit, and gain a "psychological" addiction to some state or activity, the question of addiction here can really best be seen as a physical chemical addiction. This form of addiction can occur from ANY activity human beings participate in, at least in a repeating manner. Hence the real question should be if marijuana is physically addicting, and all current research indicates that it is not.

  • I Can Stop Whenever I Want To

    I just don't want to! A little joke, but in all seriousness pot is about as addictive as sweets. I like them, a lot! I eat them often. But when I don't have it, I don't go crazy about it. I might be a little annoyed and have an occasional craving, but I get over it.

  • Never proven, never reported

    Back in my many years of smoking pot, I could drop it whenever I wanted and while life was certainly more enjoyable using it, there's no withdrawal or anything. It's a natural product and one that has no reported addictive qualities, there has not once ever been scientific evidence that shows it's addictive on any level.

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