• Christ was socially conservative and fiscally liberal

    Newsflash to conservative "Christian " hypocrites. I do not see how conservatives in the US read the historical version of the New Testament where it states VERY clearly how you are supposed to behave. The narcissistic approach of the American Protestant is "I nominally accept Jesus as my savior but do not practice his value system or help the needy and ostracized as he did. " THIS is a ludicrous belief system so filled with B. S. And yet so convenient for Jaba the Hut consumerist Idiot Americans.

  • It just makes sense

    I base my values around Christ's teachings and when you go to the Bible they are all very much socially conservative and fiscally/economically left. The whole conflation of fiscal conservatism with social conservatism, Which appears to have stemmed from America, To me stinks of a concerted attempt by right wing parties and their donors to win the votes of the at-the-time Christian majority and it is very sad to see that so many in the states have fell for it

  • Definitely, Thumbs Up

    Justice means greater economic equality, Not do-whatever-you-like individualism that the Left represents. A stable, Middle-class country with civil rights does not have to be “Liberal” or “Conservative. ” For example, Someone could be against the legalization of marijuana and moral issues such as abortion, But still believe in a stable and regulated economy.

  • I’m an example

    Social conservatism and fiscal progressiveism is simple: it’s a nationalistic approach to governance. The social conservative champions traditional values and religious freedom, While the fiscal progressive realizes that the people of this country are in dire need of multiple things; a living wage, Expanded safety nets, Etc. I call this ideology “populism, ” although I’m sure there could be a better term for it. We disagree with the Republicans for embracing tax cuts and corporate welfare, And we disagree with the Democrats on gun rights, Abortion, Immigration, And gay marriage. We need our own political party - we would be a force to be reckoned with.

  • I am fiscally Liberal and socially Conservative

    I am an American (unfortunately) and find that for the majority of my life I have been what I call an "old school" Liberal of late and as I evolve politically I find I am leaning towards fiscally Liberal and socially Conservative.

    What this means is I believe we need to cut military funding by at least 50percent and then use that freed up tax money to fund other things.

    As I realize neither political party adequately represents my particular platform I have realized what the two key planks for my particular political platform are: I am fiscally liberal and socially conservative.

    I firmly believe health care is a right, For free, No matter who. I believe education, Be that trade schools or universities is a right and needs to be free but I also believe it needs to be based on merit. As a fiscally Liberal person I also believe it is the governments job to provide housing and opportunity to all. I believe we need more money allocated to infrastructure, Hospitals, Green spaces, Parks and the environment.

    On the socially conservative end, Yes, I do believe in a “live and let live” mentality but the current state of this has gone to the ridiculous extreme and needs to be reeled in. No, Not everyone is special and not every group is a marginalized special victim group. I believe we cannot allow this bullshit “feel good” approach in face of facts. We cannot ignore where facts go. Science shows us gender is not fluid and we do not get to move the goalposts and play a semantic shell game to try and confirm an opinion over facts. Science shows us that transgenderism is not normal nor healthy and should not be rewarded with accolades and. I believe we must look to the ones who have “buyer’s remorse” after getting gender reassignment surgery. A high percentage of LGBT are not sincere and are simply riding the bandwagon and are participating in a monkey-see, Monkey-do effect.

    As a social conservative I do believe in the sanctity of family units, Without going to the extreme versions of child worship or the extreme version by thinking all “alternate lifestyle” families are healthy or benefiting society in general.

    As a social conservative however I also do not believe any church or institution of worship should have tax-free status. I feel churches and houses of worship have been allowed to run roughshod over the fabric of society to detrimental effect. They need to be taxed at highest rate possible and money collected goes to programs designed to help all out of poverty; Provide health care, Education and environmental preservation.

    I believe language is being altered to the point of absurdity. Gender is not fluid. Language cannot be cleaned up because it makes us feel uncomfortable. Free speech is of utmost importance and we must endure that which makes us uncomfortable so we may speak freely. We do not have the right to not be offended.

  • Of course it is!

    This is actually very common, Especially outside of the United States. There's nations that use the state and a lot of money to uphold conservative values. Look at Hungary and their pro-natal policies where they blow out spending to encourage reproduction of Hungarian children. There's plenty of conservatives out there who could not care less about GDP growth.

  • Yes, I am.

    Parents are essential supports for children. The best family situation, All other factors excluded, Is for a biological mother and father to work cooperatively and through a loving bond to nurture and teach their children. Communities with strong families are more functional in countless ways. Social lifestyles that prioritize the honoring of commitments, Over individual liberties, Create a better society for all people broadly.

    Cooperative communities lie at the core of successful societies. Cooperative societies embrace collective responsibility an are comprised of individuals who take responsibility for, And look out for, One another.

    Democratic governments should work toward a common good and are the best means to ensure the betterment and welfare of all of their citizens.

  • Absolutely they can, I am just that.

    It is entirely possible to be fiscally liberal and socially conservative. I support government funded healthcare that is free for all, More spending on education, Higher wages for public servants, Etc. At the same time I am mostly conservative in that I am pro-life, Believe in marriage being between a man and woman and support other traditional Christian values. Sadly, I don’t find political candidates or parties that match my ideals. This is why I am a registered unaffiliated voter.

  • Of course you can

    These positions are really quite independent of each other. Fiscal liberalism is a function, for most people, of voting along with their own economic interests. Additionally, the government performing functions can often lead to economies of scale that generate savings. Lastly, government intervention can restrict companies from taking too much profit (e.G. In healthcare) and do other things to mitigate the effects of greed.

    These economic considerations are not explicitly linked to a belief in traditional social norms, or racial equality, for example. However, they do reflect a sense of social imperative and fairness that a socially liberal or conservative person could relate to.

    A caveat is that today's politics seems to mix and match, but also appears to be tending toward a populism that has no ideological core. So, the reasons for one person holding divergent viewpoints may be based in reason or alternately the representation of a lack of understanding of those positions.

  • It is possible, and it's actually not that rare.

    In the U.S., political positions tend to be viewed as a "package deal", like cable television. But it's perfectly possible to believe, for example, that state and progressive taxation have an important role to play in funding national programs for health care and education, yet also to support traditional views on marriage, be opposed to further racial and gender equality legislation, and other socially conservative views.

    A 2011 Gallup poll found that 28% of Republicans surveyed replied with a fiscally liberal "Yes, should" when answering the question "Do you think our government should or should not redistribute wealth by heavy taxes on the rich?". 26% of Democrats disagreed with it.

  • The two do not mesh

    It is very difficult to be fiscally liberal and socially conservative because those two values go against each other at their core. A person that is fiscally conservative is also going to be socially conservative, And if a person is socially liberal, they are going to be fiscally liberal also.

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