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  • You can be poor and happy

    I would say this because though you may be not the richest person around life is what you and only you make it .You write your own story. And I will always stick with that opinion because only you can make you happy no one else but you can make you happy. Money buys many things cars , houses ,food , and clothes but it will never buy happiness because only you can create that . So if your trying to predict happiness in your future remember" the best way to predict the future is to create it."

  • Material Wealth does not equal happiness

    I believe that you can be happy no matter what situation you are in. I was personally homeless, but it was not as bad as it sounds. I lived with a family friend and I was 13 around the time. It is hard not knowing if you will be kicked out, but I was happy. We were searching for a place to live in, but we still laugh we still smiled, and it was because we knew that no amount of money can truly give you happiness. My dad told me of a story he once saw online of a wealthy father taking his son to show him what being poor looked like. It goes something like this...

    A father took his son to a poor village to see how poor people lived. After the trip the father asked his son , "Did you see how poor people can be?" the son replied, "Oh yeah. I noticed that we have one dog but they have four. We have lanterns and they have the stars at night. We have servants who serve us, but they serve each other. We have walls that protect us they have friends and family to protect them. We have a piece of land and they have a horizon with no end. Thanks dad for showing me how poor we really are."

    I think the real question we need to ask is what it means to be poor

  • I am poor and happy most the time

    I am poor yet happy money don't buy happiness it can't be bought money would help ease some stuff but not happiness. I found family can make you happy enjoying life to the fullest. I have a wife and dog both make me happy a job but that's too pay the bills

  • Poor can be happy

    For a poor family, they swim in a river that has no end, they have stars above their heads at night, they have the whole horizon to watch and use as their patio, they have the endless fields,they grow there own food and have pride in it and their friends protect their land. Sometimes I wonder if we can call ourselves rich. Maybe the “poor” people are actually the rich ones, they are so content and they have natural materials and resources as some of our recent technology, sometimes I wonder poor people are actually the ones living better lives.

  • Carrot on a Stick

    I worked all of my life, and at best made it from pay to pay. Pursuit of better financial, (prosperity) for me was an illusion. Harder work/more hours per week, maybe got an extra teaspoon or 2 of sugar, but never made it to living on "easy street." The biggest blessing for me was when the bottom fell out of my financial situation, and I lost everything I never had. Debt is slavery. Today I am "debt free" subsisting on a small pension, THANKING GOD EVERY MORNING that HE has blessed me with another day to live. Food, clothing, shelter, and yes, some of those extras I do have, yes a computer with the internet access, right? My personal possessions are all bought and paid for. I don't "own" a house or vehicle, then again the no longer own me!

  • The premise of the question does not automatically support the conclusion.

    The premise of the question does not automatically support the conclusion. In other words, the question is built with a biases presupposition. In other words the presupposition is that a person's level of happiness is in direct comparison to their level of wealth. Yet, happiness is based on our personal desires, our relationships and our goals and ambitions. If you lose all things of financial wealth but lose happiness, then we're you truly happy in the first place? Happiness is akin to a frame of mind. I can be happy with or without millions of dollars.

  • You can be poor but happy

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  • Being Poor Is Being Happy.

    First, I should define what my state of poverty is: I have a used car, a used laptop, 6 shirts, one pair of pants and sneakers. I was raised to believe I should have a PIA job, get married, have 2.4 kids, live in the suburbs in my own house with a boat parked next to my BMW in the garage, have a 401(k) plan and enough savings for my retirement. This society shows that if you don't own the latest smartphone or latest TV, you're a failure. But I'm older now and not swayed by public opinion. The only person who'd benefit from me busting my hump every day is the landlord. I don't eat peanut butter & jelly every day and don't plan to. I'm not fooled by materialism. I own next to nothing and you know what? I watch movies and listen to music every day, go for walks, talk to people and sleep well at night. And I'm fine with that.

  • It's all about the heart

    There are many people who are rich and do not have the power of love. If you are poor, you can always hope. Hope is all that you need to be able to achieve better results in your life. When knowing this you will get further in your life instead of worrying about wealth. Wealth is not material, wealth is also being able to hope and love each other

  • Every day is a struggle

    Every day a poor person person is robbed off dignity.How can you be happy knowing that there are people you will never meet, places you will never go and dreams you will never accomplish because the world does not know you exist? We live in an excessively materialistic world where the value of human life is determined by what you have to offer. The homeless, illegal immigrants and people living in the slums of Asia and Africa are tied in a cyclical life of despair. It is difficult to be happy when every day is toil, hunger and despair.

  • It is extremely hard to happy when you're poor

    I got laid off, I have over 100,000 dollars of student debt, my 15 year old car broke down and is totaled, I get by off my husbands paycheck (about a thousand dollars a month) which is barely enough to buy food yet he makes too much money to get any kind of government help I guess the government forgets that after paying all the bills, the rent, gas for him to get to work there's maybe 50 bucks for groceries until the next time he gets paid...Two weeks later. Without a car or any money to buy presentable clothing I can't even apply for jobs if I got an interview or the job how would I even get there? Would I go there in my jeans and a tshirt since I had to sell my nice clothes to feed myself? Plus I don't live within walking distance of anywhere. Yeah, it's a vicious cycle and I know there's millions of people even more worse off than me or in the same boat as me. I sit around all day in such melancholy there is literally nothing I can do to make myself happier. Maybe a million bucks to get a new car, pay off my student debt, and some living money while I job search. Half the people saying yes seem like they have money and when they have a little less, you know not enough to fly to Barcelona first class this year, they think they're being deprived or something. Money can buy happiness it just can't maintain it once it takes you past the point of comfort.

  • Poor people have little power to change

    I am 24 years old, I have $1250 in my account. Nothing in my wallet. I have a wife and we live in our studio apartment. I am the only one able to work so I support both of us. (Before you ask, have you thought about your wife working? Yes we have and there is no option for that for reasons I cannot disclose here) Half our money goes to rent and the rest to bills/debt every month. We save nothing. We never go anywhere for fun. Movies? What are those? We have hardly nothing in our fridge for lunch and absolutely nothing for dinner. No saved canned foods or anything to use for meals. The problem with being poor is that you are always worrying! It never ends. How do I pay off my $15000 student loan debt? How do I pay my $9000 car loan since the bank owns my car and not me? What about the $6000 credit card debt you got by trying to survive and not just blowing your money on clothes you don't have? I go to my 9-5 job come home to my beautiful wife and look her in the face and all I can think is I'm sorry. You feel so low. You are busting your butt just to stay afloat. You never have fun because everything costs money and if it doesn't it at least costs gas to get there which you can't afford. You try to change it but you can't. You're stuck. You either learn to deal with it or give up. Either way you feel horrible. All you want is to be able to go to the grocery store and say go baby get whatever you would like but you can't. I haven't given up but I'm breaking. No family to help just you and you alone to find a way every single day. I have my wife and she keeps me alive but when you know you are letting two people down no matter how hard you try it is demoralizing. Stay strong. Work, eat maybe, sleep and repeat. Stay strong!

  • NO, just no.

    I'm 24, I'm poor.. I hate it. It's all my fault for messing around too much in my education and it's too late do anything about it in my opinion. I'm never going to be able to travel the world (even though kids in college can some how afford gap years, myself, in full time employment can't) I'll never move out of my mothers house (I'm sure she's so proud) and I can't save for a pension .
    Ok, before you spin my some line about money not buying you happiness etc.. Let me break down what those three point mean to me..
    . Not having enough money to go travelling - They say money doesn't make you happy, it's life experience and adventure that do so, well I won't be carving any decent memories or discovering other cultures or seeing the world without a plane ticket or spending money.
    .Never leaving my family home - Not only will I feel like a disappointment to my mother (more so than I already do) I'll never have the freedom, independence and sense of accomplishment that your own living space provides, and thats not all! I'll have to watch my friends, peers and everyone else my age around me grow and get on with their lives as successful, well off people do, and resent them for it (I already do). All I have to do is log on to Facebook or instagram to see everyone I've ever met boasting, gloating and pushing their success in my face! It makes me feel sick! Still think you can be happy broke? What about the fact that because of the above I'm untraveled, uninteresting, living at home.. Do you really think I can have a serious relationship? No, of course I cant, I see girls until they want to get serious then cut my losses and move on because lets face it whats the point in a long term relationship with a loser!? So that rules out marriage, children and a family.
    Not being able to save for a pension - I can't afford to put money away for the future, meaning i will have to survive off a state pension, barely enough to live, making my retirement life just as bad as it is now, terrible.
    So there you have it, being poor to me means that I resent everybody around me, feel inadequate to everybody, have to deal with and see the fruits of their success while I have nothing, have to live with being a disappointment to everyone I love, and live a lonely life until the day I die an old, poor and bitter man. I hate myself and everything about my life, i often feel like giving up and ending it now to free myself from the struggle.

  • Literally spat on.

    I grew up in a poor home and still to this day am poor. Im typing this in a library computer and my only means of getting around is a piece of crap bike that keeps breaking because I cannot even afford to fix that. I eat on occasion but work a dead end dine and dash job because I cannot continue my education to better my life. I have no insurance, and have over $100,000 in debt. I still live at home with my disabled mother in subsidized housing where I pay half may wage to rent because it is income based. My mother recieves $400 a month from the state and although she has a car, it needs over $5000 dollars to fix the issues needed to keep it somewhat running, not to mention the $300 a month for insurance thanks to Michigan laws. Add all this up you can see how being poor is a very hard obstacle to overcome. In my situation I will end up working minimum wage jobs for a long time. Even if there is an increase, the cost of food and goods will just increase; nulifying any benefits of the raise. Stop loopholes regarding taxing the top 1% and stop wasting billions fighting worthless wars so that the rest of us can actually prop our feet up and stop worrying about ending up on the streets.

  • Everyday is a Struggle.

    I am personally poor. I don't have anything. Nothing at all. How can you be happy when you go to the ghettoest school in the state? How can you be happy when you get bullied for wearing the same 2 shirts and same pair of pants everyday? How can you be happy when the only friend you have can't come over because you don't have a stable home? How can you be happy when you are hungry at night? How can you be happy when you can't proved for you loving family?

  • It's not only about money.

    Being poor is hard to get out of, the people around can be those who you poor, you ALSO have little money, little motivation. Getting out and deciding that deception is not the end product of everything is only what it is... A decision. Once these are laid out, your options are little. It's hard to seem worthwhile to anyone who isn't as poor as you are. You feel brittle... It's really a hard situation, but nothing impossible to get out of.

  • Money is life

    I have been poor all of my adult life. My partner and I both work full time and still struggle to pay the bills, we don't have a mortgage, we have no insurance or pension and 0 savings. Everything revolves around money, just being alive costs money, ie: council tax, tax on wages (free work) ect. I hate it when people say money doesn't buy happiness! Happiness to me means not having a panic attack when somebody phones or knocks the door in case it is debt collectors, courts, bailiffs or police to arrest you because you cant afford tv licence or council tax or water bill. I feel disgusted that you have to pay the government just to be alive!

  • Stop being delusional

    Poor as a student and poor now living with family after studying. Family poor too. Money does make you happy - especially you're so poor you can't afford toothpaste, Toilet roll or proper food, And that's while working. Those who think otherwise are delusional and have always been able to afford the absolute basics.

  • I am sorry to say but you can't

    I am personally here hungry sitting on the couch and writing this
    Plus I have 4 siblings so imagine the tension in the house for money.Soon my parents are old and will die and then there are going to be fights for inheritance :( .Without money relationships aren't maintained no friend will come over no friend is going to say hi.Your own brother will humiliate you because of the money tension.Mother just sits back and enjoys the fight like watching a WWE match.Its like a mental disease a disease which people don't recognize but it's there and it's sick and hurts hope they find a cure and I can get back up again and start walking.But as someone said "Hope is a most dangerous four letter word" because at times it's false ...

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