• Yes

    You can become addicted to marijuana, but this can happen for a number of reasons. It can become physiologically addicting based on routine use and what it can do for someone. Just as we take certain pharmaceuticals to help us with our depression or blood pressure, if we stop taking them, we feel worse. Since marijuana can be used in a medicinal manner, it can become habit forming because of the benefits.

  • Yes

    Just like with anything, yes you can become addicted to marijuana. It may not have physiological addiction but there can be a physical addiction. People may start smoking it to deal with certain things, and it just becomes habit, like drinking alcohol, smoking, and other drug addictions. I actually know of some people that I would consider to be addicted to it.

  • Addiction and Dependence

    There is a different between addiction and dependence. What this question is really about is whether you can be addicted to Marijuana the same way you can be addicted to cocaine. The answer to that question is definitely no. Can you become addicted to Marijuana? Yes. You can also become addicted to gambling...Or eating drier sheets. (http://abcnews.Go.Com/GMA/video/woman-addicted-eating-dryer-sheets-14079219), but can you become dependent on gambling? Probably not. And you definitely cannot be dependent on drier sheets, unless you're a drier of course. So, let's take a step back and clarify our terms. Addicted? Yes. Most people who use Marijuana, even those who may use Marijuana as regularly as someone who is addicted, are not addicted. Few people meet clinical standards for Marijuana addicted, and no person in the history of the world has ever been physically dependent on Marijuana. Why? There's no chemical property in organic cannabis that makes dependence possible. Simple as that.

  • Anything.

    Yes, you can get addicted to marijuana, you can be addicted to any drug. You can end up not only wanting but craving a high that requires you to have this drug. It becomes a habit that is very hard to break and that is why people continue to smoke it.

  • Yes sir e

    You can become addicted to marijuana just like any drug, but you cannot become dependent on the drug because it does not contain any chemicals. Addiction means that you have a hard time stopping something once you start it. Once you start smoking pot occasionally, you will crave it more and more. This is when you become addicted. However, it takes a chemically made drug to cause dependence.

  • No

    You can't become addicted to Marijuana because, it is not an addictive drug. So therefore, I personally don't think that you can get addicted to it. It has been proven that you cant get addicted. People are just addicted to the high that Marijuana gives off. And that's a fact!

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