Can you become/do anything you want in the United States?

Asked by: birkleishaun
  • I believe in fairies too.

    I love America. If I wanted to become a famous serial killer, I could! If I wanted to be the first person to overdose on marijuana, I could do that too. I love this country, you can truly be anything that you want here. Let's all give a shout of 'murica!

  • No to many responsibilities.

    At one time during the founding of the US I am sure you could have done or been anything you'd like but today people have too many responsibilities and are shackled with debt and tied down to their jobs as the person above me described the US is more restrictive. Besides the elite control everything anyway the US is more of an Oligarchy than a Democracy.

  • Not as hwcm!

    As a Heterosexual White Caucasian Male you cannot become member of any minority group, cannot enjoy the blessings of affirmative action or any other measures of "positive discrimination". Instead you have to bear the burden of guilt for racism, sexism, imperialism, slavery, patriarchy, homophobia, misogyny, the wars, the ozone hole and global warming. All others are victim, you are the "universal perpetrator".

  • No, in some cases the U.S. can be more restrictive

    Only those with money can do whatever they want because they can pay for the consequences. Those on the lower end of the economy will suffer and pay for the actions the elite does. Then there's politics and the shift in power that is on a tug-of-war between parties that want to get more freedom than others. In the U.S. you have to fight for your freedom.

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