• I can believe Kim Kardashian is making a fortune on her game

    Kim Kardashian has become a househild name. Well her image is one that most kids and adults should not follow, she obviously has a following bar none. Between her marriage to Kanye and birth of their daughter North, she is breaking into homes around the world with this game. The money generated will easily give her a cushy spot on Forbes when all is said and done.

  • Yes, I think she works very hard and creates good product.

    Yes, I think she works very hard and creates good product. Kim has a very unique style and approach that is modern and sophisticated. I think her game is doing very well because people connect with her on a very simple level that is nice. I think the game is well made for the kind of things it does.

  • Yes sex sales!!!

    I am not surprised at all by what Kim Kardashian game is making. Sex sells and she is capitalizing on it, the boys are attracted to her and girls want to be her and look like her. I feel she is so popular right now anything she will do will make her money

  • Why throw more money at her?

    I love that people complain about Kim Kardashian not deserving her fame and then throw some more money at her. I've seen the same people that complain about her on social media and news article comments spend hundreds of dollars on a silly pay-to-win game. What is wrong with the world today?

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