Can you celebrate Christmas if you're not Christian?

  • Anyone can celebrate!

    It doesn't matter what religion you are. You can still celebrate it. If you celebrate it, it doesn't change your religion. You don't have to be a Christian. You can be a Muslim or anything else. ITS FREEDOM!!!!! If you think it's right, go for it! Everyone can celebrate Christmas!!

  • The question is why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

    Christmas barely had any connection to Christianity except that it was believed, from no sources or facts, that Jesus was born on that day when the exact date of Jesus's birth was unknown. Christmas actually was derived from the PAGAN holidays of Yule and Saturnalia, gift-giving and merrymaking are from Saturnalia; greenery, lights, and charity from the Roman New Year. Saturnalia and Yule were both holidays celebrating the winter solstice. Saint Nicholas was the Christian figure of Santa, however the Santa that we use as a figure is a trademark of Coca-Cola where they had used that version of Santa in advertisements

  • Yes, and who cares if you are Christian or not

    Christmas is a holiday full of love and warmth to be shared world wide. It wouldn't be in the spirit of Christmas reject some one or a group of people because of their beliefs. Everyone deserves to be treated right all year long. Why deny anyone Christmas, fore it is a time of giving.

  • Christmas is holiday for everyone reguardless in your christian.

    The word Christmas contains he word Christ for a reason but you can celebrate Christmas regardless of you beliefs. If Christmas only has the meaning of family and gifts to you that's your opinion of what the holiday means. For Christians including myself Christmas has a much deeper meaning. The birth of Jesus to many is a very important thing and as Christian's we are celebrating that. The other people celebrate what they believe it means to them. I think its ok to chose for yourself why you do things and should not be judged by others.

  • Yes, just like you can celebrate any other holiday.

    Christmas is not so much a strictly Christian holiday as much as it is a widely accepted tradition in the United States. You do not have to be a Christian to celebrate the tradition, because it's a tradition about family togetherness and being with the people you care about. You don't need to believe in God to participate in something like that.

  • Christmas is More Than Christianity

    While the name is indicative of one of the strongest influences on the holiday, Christmas originates from a number of non-Christian traditions. In addition, celebration of the holiday has expanded into the secular arena, and in fact, it is arguably far more secular in its current incarnation than religious. While the titular "Christ Masses" are still widely held and participated in, in the public arena it is often more about presents and parties.

  • Jesus was about love

    Jesus would like anyone celebrating his birth. He was about love for fellow man. Why do most Christians judge so much. The Bible is the Gospel. We must live within the dictates of the entire book. It is not trail mix, we can't pick and choose the parts we like.
    Instead of arguing about who is allowed to celebrate and in what way, why not follow Jesus and just love your fellow man.
    It is time for the hate and judgemental attitudes to stop. That is the job of our Lord, not us.
    Christ be with you all

  • Christmas was originally a pagan festival

    Why should non christians not celebrate the holiday? We don't force you to believe in Santa or the gift giving part of it, so Christians should not force their way of of celebrating (ie:church and prayer) on us...And we should not be told we cannot celebrate when the whole season is about peace and love and family.
    Christmas Day is NOT the day Christ was born. Unfortunately so many religious people refuse to read history unless it comes from the bible...And even then the bible never makes any mention of the holiday, since it was stolen from Roman Pagans. Saturnalia, the festival that runs from 17th December to the 25th December is where the holiday originates.

    It is time people learnt to think for themselves and READ instead of accepting the things someone else tells them as truth.


  • Christmas is for EVERYONE...

    Isn't Christmas about Jesus' birthday or something? The best birthday present anyone can give him is giving and loving one another. Jesus says in the Bible that he is inviting everyone to join him. So why not on his B-day? Even if you are not Christian, I say you can celebrate Christmas because no one is stopping you. You can choose whether or not to celebrate Christmas. ;)

  • People should be allowed to do what they want!!!!! And celebrate what they want!

    People should feel free about doing what ever they want and they should be allowed to celebrate what ever they want! No one can control what people want to do and what they don't want to do!!!! Also people need to keep there opinions to there selves sometimes and let people do what they want and to feel free!!!!

  • No, You can't.

    Although it is a national holiday, many people celebrate it because it's fun and they ignore the inner meaning of Xmas which is to mark the birth of Jesus. You can't just have one religion and then celebrate a celebration which has nothing to do with your religion. If you are going to do that, then there is no point in having a religion. Christmas is a celebration for Christians and i'm not being racist or anything but that's like saying if you are a Hindu you can celebrate Eid, what the hell guys!

  • The atheists have diluted it to be a general holiday so they can feel good about participating.

    Christmas was designated as the day to celebrate the birth of Christ plain and simple. As I understand it, that particular day was chosen many years ago to coincide with the celebration of a Pagan holiday in order to hide from persecutors of Christians in countries that did not allow Christianity. If you do not believe in something, why would you celebrate it? If you want to celebrate love and family, then pick a different day and start a tradition. How about Thanksgiving? I also think it is funny that all the atheists voted yes. I and other Christians would never tell you to stop, but just realize that you are being hypocritical and diluting our holiday with a lesser meaning. You basically see everyone else having fun so you don't want to miss out. I have more respect for the nonbelievers that don't celebrate than the people who try to dilute the meaning for their own gain. Did you ever wonder why the people that celebrate it for its true meaning are happy? It is because they are saved. Do you also celebrate Jewish, Islamic, and other religious holidays?

  • Christmas is a Christian holiday.

    I don't understand why nonchristains celebrate Christmas, because Christmas is a holiday to celebrate Christ's birth. We give gifts because God gave us the greatest gift ever, which is his son who was a sinless man who died to save our sins. Nonchristains celebrating Christmas is like celebrating Hanukkah when you are not Jewish, or Vesak (Buddha's birthday) whenever you're not Buddhist. It just doesn't make sense for nonchristians to celebrate Christmas.

  • CHRISTmas is a CHRISTian Holiday.

    I've been hearing a lot about "Put Christ back in Christmas? How bout we put Christ back in Christian." I totally agree, however, it doesn't take away from the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday. Although I do believe that Christians SHOULD welcome non-Christians at all times to help them to see WHY being a follower of Christ is so important and life changing, I think it's ridiculous that Santa Claus gets more acknowledgement on Christmas than Christ Himself. If it wasn't for Jesus Christ, we would have no day to celebrate, we would have no reason, and December 25th would come and go and no one would decorate a tree, bake cutout cookies, hang a stocking, etc. Christians don't celebrate non-Christian holidays just "for something to do while everyone else is celebrating." It's not really the non-Christians celebrating that gets me, its the fact that so little attention is put on Christ just to appease them. If we would focus our attention on Christ instead of all of the "extras" that come with the holiday, I do believe it would make or break who celebrates the holiday. Why would you celebrate the birth of someone you don't even believe in? I understand that Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25th, but it's the day we dedicate to His birth and I believe that should be the focus of the holiday.

  • I think they should not

    Because if Christmas was only celebrated by Christians Christmas would be more sacred than it ever was and everyone would understand the true meaning of what is called Christmas and shops are trying to rip people off with buying presents and kids wouldn't just think about presents and think about Jesus.

  • I think they should not

    I don't think they should because if it was any other religion then people wouldn't get involved but now a days Christmas has become too secular and people are getting too excited about Christmas for the wrong reasons e.G Santa Clause, presents, Christmas tree, decorations it's like Easter and every one thinking its about chocolate eggs.

  • Defining Christmas

    This is tricky to understand. I would argue that if you are not Christian you cannot celebrate Christmas (note the capital 'C'). If you are not Christian then you CAN celebrate christmas. This is a reference to the secular black friday outbuy your neighbor and give your children everything they want christmas which is what Christmas has become in America. No, if you are atheist, Jewish, Muslim or anything else besides Christian, i see no way for you to actively and truly celebrate the birth of the savior of the World who came down from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit and was incarnate of the Virgin Mary to save us all from ourselves. I find it very problematic theologically.

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  • Christians are being robbed of our holiest holidays

    Don't get me wrong, Christmas should be Christians opportunity to evangelize, But atheists are turning Christmas into a holiday all about me me me. These days it's all about some fat guy giving you presents, And if you don't get what you want (usually really expensive) you throw a tantrum. It's been way over commercialized. CHRISTmas is the CHRISTians holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Gifts are given as a symbol of the gift God gave us (they don't have to be expensive). A feast is had with family to celebrate his birth just like a birthday. Hymns are sang and people go to church for a special service usually on Christmas Eve. Christmas still holds some traditions from Hannukah Trees are not specifically Christian but show the journey you and your family have with Christ. Christmas is NOT some holiday we stole from the pagans. Old Christians chose this day on another pagan holiday to celebrate without being killed by persecutors. Anyway, Would a non-muslim celebrate Ramadan, A non-Jew celebrate Hanukkah, A non African American celebrate Kwanzaa, So why should non-Christians be celebrating Christmas and Easter, But what's worse is they commercialize them, Try to block Christ out, And worse of all make it about themselves over Christ. Please, I ask to all non Christians to be sensitive to us and allow us to celebrate our holidays (Christmas, Easter) at its raw, Holy self.

  • No You should not.

    Christmas is a Christian holiday not a pagan holiday, And for those people saying it’s a holiday for everyone it is strictly not. I can’t just celebrate Diwali or Ramadan if I want too. Just because you want one thing out of the holiday does not make you allowed too celebrate the holiday. A spoiled kid in my school uses excuses to make their parents spend money on things for things that they don’t celebrate. Give me one good reason why you should celebrate Christmas.

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janice.marquis3 says2013-10-16T00:18:03.063
Christmas should only be celebrated by christians. It would be highly offensive otherwise and you would upset 85% of north americans who are christians....