• Water has particles

    I would say yes, you can chew water.When you chew food you're chewing particles. Its the same thing as water. If you move your teeth up and down like a chewing motion, then you can chew it as long as long as your teeth are touching the water. Its possible

  • I guess I'm just weird bcuz I chew water

    I think it's just an automatic action for a few if us. It's not a conscious thought or action. I'm 58, And have been chewing while drinking liquids snice i was 6 or 7. I don't drink alchol so I can speak to that. One of my roommates noticed it and asked why the hell was I chewing my water? J Didn't gave/don't have an answer. Guess it's my mom's fault. . . . Chew your food at least 20 times. It must come from that. Chew no matter what and you be okay. Mom's fault. Shame on her for the 20 times thing.

  • Well, you kinda can

    Look, you can chew anything. Even air. Even water. Even solids. If you are chewing a diamond, even if you are not making any dents (except on your teeth) you are still chewing it. So, you can chew water. But should you chew water? Well, thats another question for another day.

  • In it's solid form, of course

    Water, like all chemicals, can be either a gas, a solid, or a liquid. A given sample of water can be a water vapor, liquid water, or ice. Although one's teeth cannot chew on a vapor, and the particles of the liquid form are not taken apart by chewing (which is the point). However, chewing ice (which is solidified water) does accomplish the goal of chewing. So water can be chewed.

  • You can not chew water.

    The definition of chew is "to bite and work (food) in the mouth with the teeth, Especially to make it easier to swallow. " You can not make water easier to swallow by chewing. It goes through your teeth, So nothing is changing. I understand you CAN chew ICE as chewing ice would make it easier to swallow, However, Chewing on H2O doesn't change anything.

  • I dont think water can be chewed

    Water cant not be chewed because i beileve it isnt a soild. But who knows in space it can be chew because their in zero gravity but on earth wate is a substance that can be seperated by almost anything. But my reasoning is that if you try to bit water its possible that you just bitting nothing.

  • The heck no

    NO godddddd. Why would you even chew water tho. You're actually crazy if you actually think you could chew water. What would the word drink mean if you could chew water. Cray. I can't believe anyone would say you could chew water. This is like a amazon review in traning or whatever

  • Don't think so

    When "Chewing" or doing the action of chewing while having water in your mouth, you're not physically changing the state of water. You can make the notion of chewing but it doesn't mean you're chewing on water or any form of liquid. Chewing is usually only used to change the state of what you're chewing to make it easier to consume, chewing on water doesn't do that. Theres no need to change the liquid form of water to make it easier to drink. Chewing on ice is changing its physical form. Go ahead, fill your mouth up with water and chew it with your mouth open while looking down.

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