• Yeah it can ruin your lungs

    Anything you smoke is bad for your lungs so sure it can weaken you to the point that it brings on death.

    Not saying it's going to happen a lot but it can, the other thing is people do dumb stuff when they use marijuana so that's going to increase your chances of getting killed or killing yourself.

  • No, of course not

    Marijuana can never be the reason for death, It just isn't possible. When is the last time you ever heard of someone dying from it? Unless it is laced with other things, which is a different subject all together. Marijuana is a natural plant, with no way to cause death, period.

  • No.

    No, marijuana cannot cause death. Smoking is not healthy but pot is an herb, a plant. It is totally natural and does not contain anything toxic that will harm you to that degree. I do not support the use of this drug, but it cannot cause something so serious on its own.

  • It is extremely unlikely to die directly from marijuana use.

    Marijuana use is unlikely to directly cause death, however consequences of using marijuana, such as operating a vehicle while impaired, can be deadly. Furthermore, smoking marijuana increases the likelihood of developing lung and other cancers, which are often lethal. Thus marijuana is not deadly in itself, but can still have deadly consequences.

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