Can you finish this sentence? It is okay to kill a baby in the womb when...

Asked by: MegadethRocks44
  • I have two answers.

    When a mother is incapable of taking care of a child, or paying the hospital bill to birth it.

    2. (This kind of changes the question but it remains on the topic).
    It is okay to kill not only a child in the womb, but ANYTHING... When it can't feel anything, like pain, and emotions such as happiness, sadness, guilt, betrayal, excitement, fear etc. and that thing doesn't even have a capability to understand what life and death is.

  • The mother is going to die if it isn't removed.

    Killing a baby in the womb is depriving a defenseless individual of their life. Yes, they would probably become a lowlife, but there's always the chance they could make something of their lives. Yes, it's an off-chance, but it's better than killing the innocent child out of hand. . .

  • Absolutely I can finish that sentence.

    It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when...
    •A woman is not financially or emotionally able to handle it.
    •A woman does not WANT it
    •keeping it would put the woman's life at risk

    Abortion should be legal all around the world. It is a woman's DECISION to have a baby, NOT her OBLIGATION. It's her body, not yours.

  • It Would Kill Her, She Was Raped, Drag Her Below the Poverty Line and If the Women wants to.

    As many have pointed out, it's fine to do when she is in danger. If she is raped, she shouldn't need to raise the child of a criminal, or suffer with PTSD. We have many people under the poverty line, due to their life being effected by child birth. They couldn't finish college or start the business they wanted to. I believe a woman should have the right to choose what happens to their body, if it doesn't effect anybody else. If you have a right to wear condoms, or use the morning after pill, you should be able to get an abortion.

  • The life of the female is in danger.

    Abortion is a difficult situation to go through. I believe having an abortion is a sin, therefore, I am against it. When aborting a baby we are aborting potential for the world. Who knows, we might be aborting the cure for cancer or the next great president. Abortion is a difficult situation to go through.

  • I life is a life

    It is a living baby, And its still alive, If you decide to put the baby up for adoption, Then do that. If you just don't want the baby, Then you are insane and should be put in jail for murder! What kind of parent are you killing your own baby.

  • Abortion isn't okay

    The mother CHOSE to have the baby. If she didn't want the baby then she shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place. Unless for reasons such as rape, Where it wasn't the woman's choice, Abortion is NOT okay. It is not okay to get pregnant with a baby, At your own will and then decide you don't want it. IT'S JUST NOT OKAY.

  • Why can't we kill a 3 year old?

    Where do we draw the line between alive and not alive? If a baby cam survive outside of the fetus it does not need the uterus and can be independent. If the the "baby" is just a bunch of cells, then mayb e it's morally sound. But at one point the baby is not part of the woman's body but instead a living being trapped inside another one.

  • Never ... Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. Does it Not?

    While it is certainly true that a woman's body is greatly impacted by pregnancy, it is not true that abortion is simply a matter of her choosing to do something with her body. The fetus growing within her womb is a separate person with its own distinct genetic makeup. Abortion does not remove some part of the woman's body; it destroys the body of a separate, unique individual.

  • Murder is murder

    If its simply because it should be a woman's "choice" then why don't we allow other things that are simply a "choice"? I'm pretty sure it was Hitler's choice to kill 6 million Jews. He had convincing reasons, and since he was the head of the government, he wasn't doing anything legally wrong. It's a dangerous thing to make a decision purely for selfish reasons such as abortion.

  • It is not okay to kill a life even if it was for defence or similar.

    It is her responsibility to take care of him, if she wanted to have a baby then killing him is no one of her choices, dying or suffering after his birth that is what mothers count for I mean for her baby, how could someone dare to kill his child.

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... When we mark the calender after never.