Can you get a complete education without going to school.

Asked by: nikidavis
  • Todays education of our kids is worth better to dont sent them in private schools , no need to go in school

    Day today life , in our school days our education in 1990 , we go to school , our fees structure is like 2000 RS in per year, we passed in 2 nd class got degree of SSC and HSC in maharashtra state board , we thought that is our life , but now a days even we r graduate , we dont have permanent satisfastory not more than 15000 rs ,
    no guranty of our indian government of jobs , so many compition is going on , what we learned in school , in real life nothing is use of that bloddy educatation certificates , ssc, hsc , become
    i m jobless , even if i take experiense in private company,
    now i realize that our kids what will be happen in their future , now school fees r aproximately 50000 rs per yr, in private school
    it is worth , no use of these fucking degrees of these school certificate ,
    i think it is better to take their studies in home schools , and have to teach them our kids to how to stand up their own legs , how to earn money to doing work, calculater is there in each mobile phone ,
    then , why need school ,
    all school s r making business of starting schools in city,
    i see the movie( tare zamin per )
    very much impressed on amir khan , the diloge is bachoo kabil bano ,kamyabi zak marke apke piche ayegi'
    actually we give pressure to our child of results of this bookish fucking knowledge , to them , i thin home school is better than private school , no need to go to school ,we r westing our money on education is worth ,
    bachoo ke dil me zak ke dekho une kya acha lagta hai, kis chese mai unhe interest hai ,
    share all
    teach our child give better education on net , i garanty u , our next generation will litterate well
    my no 9921091561 amit , pune

  • Yes of course

    Anyone can learn outside of school if they put their mind to it; especially if there are things you are interested in exploring whether it be art, music, science, writing, engineering, etc. there is a whole world of opportunity out there for any field. However, it does involve effort and time, a lot of kids want to be homeschooled because they can sleep in or watch tv all day and not have to do any work; if you want to learn outside of school you have to have a true desire to do so and have a certain amount of grit to be successful just like in anything else.
    Learning outside of school is definitely not for everyone, but for some it can be very fulfilling. I wish my parents would let me be homeschooled again like I was in middle school, I feel like I got more out of my 8th grade logic course then I did my first two years of high school combined.

  • Because you can get an education anywhere

    School is a place where you have a structured environment to learn. But, the basics to all subjects is to be able to read, write, and count. Education is found everywhere because it's all in front of you. I firmly believe that if you put your mind to it, you can learn outside of a school. I mean think about it, how else did we learn before schools got invented?

  • Yes you can

    The children who don't want to go to school can have a good reason for it.The parents should listen to their reasons and understand their feeling. They should get their freedom. When I was a kid I didn't wanted to go to school either. But my parents didn't listen to me.

  • You can get a complete education with out going to school

    Some kids prefer to be home schooled and there's no problem with that. Students can get easily distracted and lack focus when needed during school. Staying on track with everyone else can be a big issue, for example some students may not be able to keep up with the pace during class which makes them fall behind. When your home schooled there's no rush and kids can work at their own pace with out being pressured to work. It's easier and you have less stress throughout the day. This gives kids a easy and relaxed environment to work with.

  • You can do online school.

    It can work just as well as school if you choose the right web sight , lexle number, and grade level. Sometimes online school works better because there are know other to bother or bully them when doing work. There is also no one to distract you when doing work

  • School is not the best place to learn, just the easiest.

    Years of teaching over 8,000 different students has shown me that curious hardworking people can learn anything anywhere, and that lazy and indifferent students are a waste of everyone's time in school. School is really only of irreplaceable benefit to those students in the middle group who need cheerleaders to encourage them.

    Once we get a first grade reading level, learning to read better is just a matter of reading a lot at the very top of our ability. Once we learn the principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, all we really need to do to master mathematics is reading math textbooks, working the problems, and then applying the math to legitimate real world projects. The rest is just reading and trying things out, and practicing the various skills.

    A Boeing executive in Charleston said he is having a hard time finding people who know how to fix several of the machines used to make the Boeing 787. There are not classes in how to fix this equipment in high schools or universities. The technicians who can repair these have to have tinkered with a lot of machines, learned to read schematic diagrams, and figured out how to learn on their own.

    In terms of professional education (college, etc.), apprenticeship and certification tests are on the rise. These may take longer, but they are more focused than university degree programs, and tend to lead to immediately more saleable skill sets.

    Personally, I advocate a balance between school and other experiences. Our public and university education systems in the US were never designed to be all-encompassing educational experiences. The reason they are failing so disastrously is that Americans are gravitating toward passivity, as if education is something someone else does to you, when it is really something you do for/to yourself. Schools can usefully supply only 10% to 20% of a comprehensive education. They need to be balanced by other activities:
    independent study and exploration
    programs like 4H & scouting
    work experience
    reading and writing what we excites us as individuals
    conversations with old people
    making things (clothes, furniture, candles, soap, food, tools, computers, etc.)
    taking care of pets and raising animals
    conducting our own scientific experiments
    fixing up our homes and cars and computers,
    thoughtful participation in sites like debate.Org.

    Without all these things, even an Ivy League education is a paltry thing, and woefully inadequate for real life.

  • It depends on your attitude. . .

    I am in year 9 at school and I think that if you had the right attitude and feeling towards learning you could get a complete education with out going to school. I think that not going to school is defined as not going to in to a classroom to learn from a teacher/teachers. I know from experience that when you decide to learn things yourself at home I can do it much faster and in greater detail than if I did it at school. For example at the end of last year I wrote a four paper piece on newtons three laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamics, the four forces and vectors and scalers. I did all that in just three to four nights! I think that if I was told that I could do all of my education at home I would be very pleased and happy. I know that there are some people who could not do this for some reason, maybe they don't like learning or can't read. I also have a friend who is in my class who knows about the same as most doctors (he can debate medical things with neurosurgeons!) and most mathematicians. Some people could say that you won't have the resources or the extra help but you could use the internet. I know that it can be unreliable but you can find the most reliable sources and use a multitude of them. You can use channels on youtube like crash coarse and khan academy to learn the things that you want. Over all I feel that if I was told that I could lean the whole syllabus at home I would be extremely happy and I think that I could do the whole thing faster and more efficiently.

  • Sure you could, technically.

    I'm sure you can learn everything you could in school through other methods and a lot more as well with things like the almighty internet. Sure, sometimes it could be more difficult and it would screw you over later because formal graduation is pretty valued but it is definitely possible to learn all the same things.

  • No! That makes no sense.

    That's like asking me would I know how to drive a car without getting in an actual car? No. You need to learn from a teacher in order to learn anything. Life will be frustrating and hard if you try to learn things yourself because nobody will help you. I actually am a lone wolf because I prefer to do nearly anything by myself. But, I never ever desire to teach things to myself. I want to go to school and learn stuff from a teacher who received a Master's degree (or better) in college.

  • Not at all

    If you don't go to school but get an education yourself then you won't have the resources you won't have any extra help if you need it. If you want to go to college how are colleges supposed to see you're grades, they won't. When you are learning yourself you may not be studying the right things, you may read things under your grade level and that well not help you.

  • No not at all

    If you don't have a real teacher you will not know what your supposed to do. You need the education so you can go to collage. Because when you get into collage (somehow) they wont know your level or were your at. I cant stress this out enough. You wont be able to go through collage smoothly. You'll probably drop out because you don't know what your doing.

  • No it will not.

    No you can't do it because you don't have a real teacher. Life will also be very frustrating and hard. You will not get a lot of friends. You also will not get a good job or grade. You will be very jealous of other people going to school today.

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