• Yes.

    Of course you can become addicted to marijuana as human beings can become addicted to almost anything. I do not believe though that marijuana is a drug that causes a chemical dependance, like cocaine or heroine. But it is possible to become addicted to the feelings, and the state of being that the drug causes.

  • Consumption May or May Not Lead in Addiction, In All Things

    Marijuana is no more addictive than everything else that can be consumed. For example, chocolate, alcohol, television, coffee, or shopping are all things that one can overindulge in, and be said to be addicted to. While all of these things are fine in moderation, too much can become unhealthy. This is the same for marijuana. It is possible to partake in these things, including marijuana, without overindulging. One will not necessarily become addicted to marijuana after having tried it.

  • It's a drug, so of course

    Like any drug, if you do it too much, than you can get addicted to it. It's best to keep it in moderation, so that it doesn't take over your life and turn you into a "pothead." The rule is everything in moderation, especially with illegal substances, which should probably be avoided.

  • No

    marijuana is not an addicting drug it is not even hallucinogenic drug all it does is make you feel better and slow you down and it even warms you up so if your dyeing from freezing to death smoke some marijuana and you'll warm up so marijuana is not an addicting drug its just fun to do

    Posted by: kase

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