• Yes you can.

    You can get cancer from smoking pot. Anything that is bad for your body, including smoke from smoking pot, there is a risk of cancer. There is no proof yet that ingesting pot will cause cancer and there may never be any proof, but we know the smoke will cause cancer.

  • Yes But You're More Likely to Stave It Off

    Studies show no significant correlation and studies on lab mice show that THC kills cancer cells. However there are also carcinogens produced in the smoke. So depending on the somewhat random ways in which each molecule interacts with your cells and how that stimulates changes in proteins and cellular growth it's possible that a person may get cancer who wouldn't have but even more likely that someone will avoid cancer who would have.

  • Marijuana use can increase the risk for cancer

    It depends on how marijuana is used, but it has been shown that smoking marijuana increases the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. Marijuana smokers are particularly vulnerable as they tend to deeply inhale and hold the smoke in for longer amounts of times. Thus marijuana use can indeed lead to cancer.

  • It helps cancer pain

    I do not use and do not plan on using marijuana, but I also don't think it causes cancer. It doesn't cause much of anything besides poor choices and cravings. I have read about it being used to help cure pain that certain people have, such as the elderly or even those with cancer.

  • NO

    No, I don't personally believe you can get cancer from just smoking marijuana, just like you don't automatically get it from smoking cigarettes. Yes, it's bad for you and for your health, but it doesn't automatically mean a death sentence. It does more harm for your mental health and lungs than it can cause cancer.

  • It's not just "one" factor for Cancer

    I think it's fair to say that you can't blame any one thing as being cancer causing specifically. Cancer is so prevalent in our society that the causes for contracting it or not can't just be laid on one doorstep. Many factors including lifestyle, environment, hereditary factors, and more could pave a road to Cancer. Some people are simply lucky, but no. I do not believe Marijuana itself could cause Cancer and I support the sick patients who are able to find relief by using it.

  • No Supporting Evidence

    Of course marijuana doesn't give you cancer. The carcinogens found in cigarettes are not what is found in marijuana and even if there were, that would be from the smoke. You can use marijuana by eating it too. Marijuana has been found to be a great relief to those suffering from cancer, something that can't be said about cigarettes. Marijuana smokers have even been tested as having better lung function after smoking.

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