• Yes

    A wonderful thing about being a United States citizen is that anyone can become anything that they put their mind to. Anyone who works hard enough can have a chance (and likely accomplish) anything, of course to obtain this much of a jump in employment is not common, if someone changes themself in the proper ways etc, they can do it! Although, it does help to have the connections to begin with, a person can make the effort to meet the right people and get what they want done.

  • Improbable, but possible.

    The great thing about the United States is that the country is founded on very democratic principles - every citizen, even those working at minimum wage, has a right to a voice, and a right to better themselves in any way possible. Given the current political situation, it's highly unlikely that a burger flipper could become president - but it's always possible. If anything, having a strong work ethic and a lower-class background might help the president to connect to the public more. After all, someone who worked their way from burger flipper to manager to owner to business mogul has to have valuable skills and talents that would make them an excellent president - who wouldn't be steeped in out-of-touch politician training.

  • Nope no hope

    I dont think, that its possible to became a president of the united states of america. People from poor or just non rich normal families will never reach such such a position. You have to be born in one of the rich families like George W. Bush or Donald Trump. Otherwise you can forget it.

  • Perhaps in the past, but not today.

    Yes, the government was founded on democratic principles. Emphasis on "founded." Back when George Washington and Abraham Lincoln came to power, an ordinary man of poor background could aspire for presidency. Now, with advertisement, media, etc. money is needed. Vast amounts of it. This is the sad truth, and is why the system has been corrupted, and is why the president is no longer for and by the people, but for and by the dollar.

  • Not in this day and age.

    I do not believe that you can go from flipping burgers to running for president in this day and age. Most fast food restaurants pay minimum wage. In a large portion of the country, minimum wage isn't enough to live off. There's no way a person can run for president without a large amount of money behind them for travel, ad campaigns and consultants. There would be no way for someone making minimum wage to save that sort of money.

  • Not in the status quo.

    In our current political climate, no, a burger flipper cannot become president. The way things currently are, an individual needs a lot of money and social clout to gain the backing necessary to compete with other political candidates. A burger flipper's occupation limits his or her income which in turn limits his or her ability to develop into a politician.

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