• Well, yeah I can handle it.

    Well, of course I can handle the truth. If I am wrong, I want somebody to tell me. It only improved myself by making myself more knowledgeable. There is no down side to it. Anybody that can't handle the truth most likely has a big ego that gets hurt if they get proven wrong.

  • Yes i can and i will

    I can proclaim the truth because when there is no mistake on our side there is no need of hesitation to tell truth.As gandhi ji said 'sathya meva jayathe ' which means truth alone triumphs.So people who are honest can always handle truth and also against the false. Even they suffer at the initial stages they will get the fruits of their honesty or truth at last :)

  • I can handle the truth

    In the past, I handled the truth quite properly. I think, the word means different things to different people in different times.However, it is extremely difficult to handle the truth sometimes, but ultimately problems never get resolved, it is us that come to terms with them.. Maybe, it is the growth process

  • Yes, because I'm saved.

    I can handle the truth because as soon as I'm in heaven, it won't have anything to do with me anymore. Plus I always need to hear it, so why shouldn't I be able to handle it? There are some things in life we need to know the truth about. That is why God created us capable of understanding the truth.

  • Of course I can handle the truth.

    The truth is the truth and no one can change it. It's better to know the truth rather then the false. Knowing the truth will just help yourself be more careful about life. Living in the falseness is just a dark bubble that will bother you forever. The truth will help me improve and think more then twice before I say it and will let me know that what I know isn't right. On the other hand, I do understand that every person wants to be right on what they've said. It's wonderful knowing that every time you have something to say your right and you feel so great about yourself. (EM/4)

  • Yes,I can handle the truth

    Yes I can handle the truth.It's always better to know the truth because then a person can plan how to best adapt to the situation.If they are left not knowing the truth they might keep on operating on false premises and cause them to make poor decisions that might be unhealthy for their everyday life.

  • I Can Handle the Truth

    Yes, I can handle the truth. The trust is the most important thing in the Universe, and studying the Universe and all of its mysteries in order to unlock the truth is important not just for myself, but all of humankind. To not live in truth is to live in darkness.

  • It does not exist

    Truth is a product of the human mind, the only reason it is vslued is to prevent tyranny of those with the ambition and power to dominate the weak with there idea that they have true subjectivity. The human mind can only handle its small infintismal scrap of rock it was given. What goes beyond the human mind is impossible to understand, and maybe is perhaps maddening.

  • No human can.

    The brain is a limiting organ. It uses shortcuts and oversimplifications to reduce sense data down to digestible size. Anyone who has discovered that they were racist and didn't know it knows that they must be suspicious of what they believe is true. While we all seek knowledge and enlightenment, we know that there are many hidden biological and societal barriers preventing us from attaining a complete understanding of truth. I think every person unconsciously avoids uncomfortable thoughts.

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